Airtel SMS Pack 2020 – All Airtel SMS offer 2020 (Update)

Airtel SMS Pack 2020 – All Airtel SMS offer 2020 (Update)

Airtel SMS Pack 2020 can be purchased from here. Airtel Bundle SMS offer for all Prepaid and Postpaid SIM User Only. Airtel authorities have updated all offer for 2020. As the years change, the quantity and price of offers will change somewhat.

If you are looking for the right information on these offers, this website is helpful for you. Airtel is a renowned telecommunication company in Bangladesh. If you read the Airtel SMS bundle package post, you can find details about this offer. Stay in touch with Airtel App or Airtel BD website to get the Airtel SMS Offer 2020 correctly or to activate it on any smartphone.

With Airtel SMS, you can purchase Airtel Internet Offer or Airtel minute offer.

Airtel SMS Pack 2020

Airtel SMS pack 2020
Airtel SMS pack 2020

Bangladesh is a powerful telecommunications company in Airtel . The Airtel customer with SMS package as well be internet offer / minute offer. Customers often browse the mobile internet all day and search for Airtel SMS Pack. For the convenience of the customers, we have created an SMS package list.

If you can easily buy sms and take the code from here. Here we have saved Airtel 2 type SMS code. There is a listing for the customer, see the link below for details: –

Airtel SMS Offer 2020

All information about the Airtel SMS Package 2020 is listed below. Friends can buy any Airtel SMS package from here. If you prefer SMS pack and buy low cost from here.

You can purchase some important SMS packages from here. Here you can verify some specific code of SMS pack. So, we have saved the codes of all the SMS packages here and come here to buy.

SMS Price SMS Code SMS Check Validity
40 SMS 2 BDT *321*200# *778*6# 12 Hours
150 SMS 5 BDT *321*500# *778*6# 24 Hours
100 SMS 2 BDT *321*1100# *778*6# 24 Hours
700 SMS 7 BDT *321*700# *778*6# 3 Days
1000 SMS 10 BDT *121*15# *778*6# 3 Days
2600 SMS 26 BDT *321*2600# *121*15# 6 Days

Airtel 500 SMS 2 Taka

Enjoy Airtel 500 SMS Packages. This package will be available for any prepaid customers to enjoy. The total cost to buy these 500 SMS will be 2 Taka. This package can be used at any time. Dial * 321 * 200 # to activate this offer. 12 hours validity of the offer. Dial * 778 * 6 # to check SMS balance.

Airtel 40 SMS 2TK Details:

  • Airtel 40 SMS 2Tk BD, Applicable for Prepaid user only.
  • To activate 40 SMS @2tk, Just Dial *321*222#.
  • To check Airtel 40 SMS 2tk, dial *778*6#.
  • This SMS offer Validity: 12 Hours

Airtel 100 SMS 2tk offer 2020 Details:

Airtel 50 SMS offer 2019
  • To activate this offer, Just need to dial *321*1100#.
  • To check the airtel 100 SMS @2tk Bundle offer 2019, Dial *778*6#
  • The Validity: 24 Hours.
  • This is a limited time offer.

Airtel 150 SMS 5TK

  • Airtel 150 SMS 5 Tk for 24 Hours.
  • 150 SMS Only 5Tk
  • To activate 15 SMS @5Tk, Dial *321*500#.
  • To Check Airtek 150 SMS, Dial *778*6#
  • This SMS Validity: 24 Hours.

Airtel 700 SMS 7TK Bundle Details:

  • To check now airtel SMS pack *788*6#
  • To check Airtel 700 SMS @7tk Bundle offer, just dial *321*700#
  • This offer use time 24 Hours Any Local Operator.
  • Validity: 3 Days.
  • VAT+SD+SC will be applicable
  • This offer limited offer.

Airtel @10Tk 1000 SMS offer Details:

  • To activate Airtel 1000 SMS offer, Just dial USSD code *121*15#
  • To Check the Airtel 1000 SMS package, just dial*788*6#
  • Validity: 3 Days
  • This offer limited time offer.

Airtel 1000 SMS 10 TK

Airtel offers the lowest cost SMS packages. If you would like to activate this offer, please read this post. Enjoy Airtel low cost SMS package here.

airtel 100 SMS pack
  • Your total cost to buy Airtel 1000 SMS Package is TK. 10 Taka 1000 SMS.
  • Airtel is the biggest SMS facility.
  • You can dial * 321 * 500 # to activate this offer.
  • The duration of this offer is 3 days.

Airtel 2600 SMS Pack

Airtel Company the best offer. They always offer their customers the best SMS to improve. Airtel 2600 SMS Package can be purchased very easily. If you want to enable this, dial * 321 * 1100 #. It will cost you 26 Taka to purchase this package. You can use this package for 6 days.

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