Banglalink Minute offer 2020 – BL All Minute Package (

Banglalink Minute offer 2020 – BL All Minute Package (

Here is the banglalink minute offer 2020 update. Banglalink all new minute packages 2020 at for low-prices. All Banglalink minute packages are provided here. Customers can buy the Banglalink minute package from here. Banglalink is a telecommunication company in Bangladesh that provides its Internet and voice call packages to everyone. However, if you want to know about all the banglalink packages, see below.

We have provided minute offers as per latest information of Banglalink here. You can find Banglalink minute offer 2020 here. According to the law in the Government of Bangladesh or the latest information of the BTRC has set new collateral from August.

Banglalink Network History

Banglalink is the third largest GSM VoIP mobile phone service provider in Bangladesh. The subscriber base of this organization is 3.46 million. The company was owned by Orascom Telecom, currently owned by Global Telecom Limited. Since 2006, Banglalink has been the first private mobile phone service provider in Bangladesh to access free calls over the mobile phone through BTTB connection. The company has been serving customers in Russia, Italy, Algeria, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Bangladesh and Laos.

Banglalink their assigned number (+88) 019xxxxxxxxx or (+88) 014xxxxxxxxx

Banglalink’s license expires for 15 years and expires in November 2011. Last year, they were offering 3G services but in March 2018 they were offering 4 G.

Banglalink Minute offer 2020


Here is a list of all Banglalink Minute Offer 2020. We provide all the minute packages of banglalink as per the latest information here. Banglalink customers know all about it in the minute package and save the activation code. All bundles are packaged in minute package code as per customer demand. We have provided all the packages available from Banglalink and purchase the offer and get the code you like.

Publish a list of all the code as per customer’s requirement. See your list below:

Source: Banglalink Internet Offer 2020

Minute offer Price Validity Purchase code
15 Minute 9 2 Days *1100*6*4#
20 Minute 12 2 Days *1100*6*3#
24 Minute 14 2 Days *1100*5#
40 Minute 24 3 Days *1100*4#
80 Minute 47 7 Days *1100*3#
165 Minute 97 15 Days *1100*2#
235 Minute 137 30 Days *1100*7*3#
340 Minute 197 30 Days *1100*1#
515 Minute 297 30 Days *1100*7*1#

Banglalink Mixed Package:

Minute Pack Price Internet SMS Count Validity Code
148 Minute 148 BDT 1 GB 148 SMS 30 Days *1100*8*1#
105 Minute 78 BDT 300 MB 105* 15 Days *1100*8*2#
36 Minute 28 BDT 100 MB 36* 7 Days *1100*8*3#

All Minute Bundle Offer check *1100# Number.

Banglalink Bundle Minute Pack 2020

The bundle minute package offer has been presented with a reservation from the Banglalink Authority. Here we are supplying bl all minute pack. From here you can buy any short and long term offers as per customer preference. If you want to buy a pack from here you can easily activate at a lower cost. We have made a complete list about this offer below. See below: –

Minute Pack Validity Taka Activation
24 Minute 1 Days 14 Tk *1100*3#
40 Minute (25 SMS) 3 Days 24 Tk *1100*4#
75 Minute (50 SMS) 7 Days 43 Tk *1100*5*3#
160 Minute (150 SMS) 15 Days 93 Tk *1100*1#
212 Minute (200 SMS) 30 Days 123 Tk *1100*5*2#
148 Minute (148 SMS) 30 Days 148 Tk *1100*5*4#

Enjoy Monthly Call Rate Offer to Banglalink. Banglalink can easily buy 515 minute bundle packages and can be used by any operator. This package can be activated by any customer at low cost. Dial * 166 * 297 # to activate this offer for your 1 month. The total cost to buy the offer will be 297 Taka. You have to check the balance of this minute package * 124 * 100 #.

Bl 340 Minute offer 2020

This is the best bundle package banglalink offers. Banglalink can use the 340 minute bundle package offer on any local operator. Customers are currently looking for a 340 minute offer. Because this offer can use 1 month. If you think you would like to activate this offer, dial * 166 * 197 #. Use this package 24 hours a day. The 340 minute offer will cost you 197Tk. Offer 30 days and dial * 124 * 100 # to check bundle minutes.

Bl 400 Minute package

Most people want to buy a 400 minute offer. You can easily use the offer with the new collateral. Now users can buy 450 minute bundle package for 293 taka. With this offer you will get 1.5 GB internet with 300 SMS (any operator). Dial * 166 * 293 # to activate the offer. This package expires 30 days.

Banglalink 235 Minute offer

Banglalink offers low cost convenient call minutes. Now you enjoy 235 minutes talk time 137 Tk. Many customers prefer to buy this offer, dial * 166 * 137 # to activate this package for them. Customers can use the bundle minute package on any operator. Dial * 124 * 100 # to check bundle minute offer balance.

Banglalink Recharge Minute pack

Banglalink Minute Offer 2020. Now you can buy this package at a recharge of 79 Tk. The total cost to buy the Banglalink 165 minute package will be 79 Tk. If you would like to dial * 166 * 97 # to activate the offer. This offer expires 15 days. Any prepaid customers can use this package.

Source: Banglalink SMS Pack

Minute Pack Validity Taka Activation
515 Minute 30 Days 297 Tk *166*297#
340 Minute 30 Days 197 Tk *166*197#
235 Minute 30 Days 137 Tk *166*137#
165 Minute 15 Days 97 Tk *166*97#
80 Minute 7 Days 47 Tk *166*47#
40 Minute 3 Days 24 Tk *166*40#
24 Minute 2 Days 14 Tk *1100*5#

Banglalink 515 Minute Package

Minutes Validity Purchase Code Balance Check
515 Minute 30 Days *166*297# *124*100#

This time all will be more, Banglalink has brought an attractive bundle minute offer! This is the biggest 515 minute bundle package for Banglalink. This offer is available to anyone who can buy and for any operator. This bundle is applicable to all prepaid and call control customers. You can buy this offer by recharging Tk 297 or dial * 166 * 297 #. The package expires 30 days and minutes check the package at * 124 * 100 #.

Minutes Validity Purchase Code Balance Check
80 Minute 7 Days *166*47# *124*100#

Everyone will be more connected from now on! Because Banglalink now enjoys 80 minutes talk time for 47 Taka. This bundle is applicable for all Piproid customers. Bundle minutes can be used up to 24 hours for any local call. Dial * 166 * 47 # to buy this offer from here or recharge Rs. The offer is 7 days.

Minutes Validity Purchase Code Balance Check
24 Minute 2 Days *1100*5# *124*35#

Banglalink can buy the lowest minute bundle package from here. Here Banglalink brings you the 24 minute talktime package. You can activate this offer for 14 Tk. From here you can dial * 1100 * 5 # to buy the offer with USD code. Dial * 124 * 35 # to check the offer validity 2 days and the minute balance.

Banglalink 40 Minute offer

Minute Internet Validity Code Banglace check
40 Minute 25 MB 3 Days *166*40# *124*24#

Banglalink offers the best mobile bundle. Banglalink Enjoy 40 Minute Talktime at 24 Tk Recharge. This mobile talktime is applicable to any prepaid operator. If you only recharge 24 Taka, you can get 25 MB internet free with 40 minutes talk time. You can dial * 166 * 40 # to activate this bundle minute package or apply for any local call if you recharge 24 Tk. You will not be able to use this offer when this offer expires. Dial * 121 * 4 * 24 # to check the offer validity 72 hours and bundle balance.

Minute Internet Validity Code Banglace check
165 Minute   15 Days *166*97# *124*24#

I came here with the Banglalink Half Monthly Bundle Minute Package. Now bring the banglalink 165 minutes bundle with minute pack for 97 Taka. This bundle is applicable for plain prepaid and call and control customers. You can activate this offer even if it is valid in the long run. Customers should dial * 166 * 97 # to receive this mobile bundle package. The total cost to buy this offer will be 97 Tk. This mobile bundle can be activated by 97 BDT Recharge and expires 15 days.

Banglalink Minute Emergency Balance

Banglalink Authority has introduced new advance service for the customer. BL is regularly involved in providing all services to the customer. We have arrived here with Banglalink Emergency Balance Minute Talktime. Banglalink customer can now avail up to 200 taka balance in advance from their own office if the balance is exhausted. This package applies to all prepaid and postpaid banglalink. You can dial * 874 # to get Banglalink Emergency Balance and dial * 874 * 0 # to find out how much your Advance Loan Amount Cheek. There are some conditions to be taken to accept Banglalink Emergency Balance. Amount Dial * 874 * 9 # to see if you can receive this offer.

  • Banglalink Emergency Balance can get maximum 200 taka.
  • Banglalink Emergency Balance Minimum 10 Taka
  • This offer can be used for any purpose in the Unlimited Term in advance.
  • Customers will have to have a minimum balance of 10 Bucks on your mobile to activate this offer.
  • SMS charges of Tk.25 or more will be deducted from the SMS.
  • Dial 10 banglalink to get Emergency Balance * 874 * 10 #.
  • You can receive this offer after 30 days of new connection.
  • Dial * 874 * 9 # to see if the loan applies to you.

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