Degree 1st Year Exam Result 2020 – With Marksheet (

Degree 1st Year Exam Result 2020 – With Marksheet (

Degree 1st Year Exam Result 2020: National University Authority of Bangladesh has Published Degree 1st Year Exam 2020. National University Degree 1st Year Exam Result 2020 allows you to check very easily from here. Here you can check the results of the National University official website and you can find out from this website. If you want to check the Degree 1st Year Exam result, then you have set the right place. This will be discussed in detail about the results of the 1st year test of Degree. If you would like to verify your test results in a perfect way, this website is helpful for you. Degree 2nd year Result 2019

Beginning May 12 and the first year of the exam on Sunday 13th June and the second year of July 1st test will be started. Any test of the month of Ramadan starts from 9 am. In 2017-2018, BA Pass Pass will be held in July-August 2018 and 3,20,186 examinees of 693 centers of 1,816 colleges will participate in this examination. National University’s Degree First Year Examination Rate was 83.81% National University’s Degree First-year results will be published on the National University website and was published.

Degree 1st Year Result 2020 National University

How will the examiners know the results? No need to hurry to see these results. Please be patient and stay with us for the degree 1st year results. You will need to follow some conditions to check the results of the national university. If you comply with these rules, you will need time to check the test results. Every day, students are browsing the mobile Internet to find out the results. They want a well-known website to get accurate information about the results, so they can get test results from here. How easy do you want to check results? This article is important for you to check Degree 1st Year Result.

National University’s Degree 1st Year Exam 2020 and Certificate Course Result 2019 will be published on the National University’s website, also you will get Result of the first-year Result from degree 1st on our website.

National University Degree 1st Year Result 2020 Will Published

Recently, the National University degree 1st Year exam concludes for 2017-18 season students. National University’s degree Result reveals within 90 days of the examination. We hope that the results of the National University will be faster. In 2020, the number of the total number of students at the National University was present.

Degree 1st Year Exam Result 2020

One of the first-year students of the National University will be able to quickly examine the results of their degree online. Education BD on our website will help you get your results quickly and efficiently. National University has its own website at You will see here the results of the test results. Think big about the outcome of thinking. ডিগ্রী ফলাফল জানতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন:

Click Now:

National University (2) has different websites and there are other results of the degree examination. National University’s Official Website You have easy steps to get your results from this NU website. Follow the steps below to get your results adequately: –

First Go To

Click plus(+) icon of Degree

Select Degree 1st Year.

Submit Roll/Registration of Degree

Put the Year of Your Result.

Write the Year according to the Pictuer.

Click Search Result.

How to National University Degree 1st Year Result 2020 CGPA Grade Check

Generally, national university grade points are verified through CGPA. There are many students who do not understand this method. For them, we have listed the CGPA grade points. Students make it easy for you to verify here.

Total Number Letter Grade Grade Point Remark
80-100 A+ 4.00 First Class
75-79 A 3.75 First Class
70-74 A- 3.50 First Class
65-69 B+ 3.25 First Class
60-64 B 3.00 First Class
55-59 B- 2.75 Second Class
50-54 C+ 2.50 Second Class
45-49 C 2.25 Second Class
40-44 D 2.00 Third class
0-39 F 0.00 Fail

How to Check Degree 1st Year Result 2020 by SMS Method:

The SMS method is the easiest and most accessible method to get any results. Regulatory students will acquire her SMS to send an SMS to 16222. This method is the most attractive and easy to use the medium. We will show you how to do SMS below.

NU (Space) Registration and Send to 16222

Example: NU DEG 123456 and send to 16222

How to Degree 1st year Result 2020 Board Challenge

We know the really important thing for a student is to get good results in the exam. Although he may not achieve good results many times, he does not need to be disappointed. So you’ll be able to give this test later in the year. If you study well for 1Year exams, you will get good results. Otherwise, you can lose your life goals.

Many times teachers carefully test questions. That is why they give low numbers. Because of this, the student cannot do good results.

However, you mean that if you write well in the test but don’t get good results, you could be better. National universities can apply for them to re-examine. Are you ready to test this method? However, see below how you can complete this process.

You decide that the 1st year of the degree will result in a challenge to the challenge. So how do you challenge the results? Just follow this article.

You can apply for this result again until 20 days after the end of the test.

It will cost you a total of 500 Taka to verify the result of this test again. This will be provided free of charge through Sonali Bank. You need to follow up on all the paperwork correctly.

National University Degree Pass and other Result or Routine Update Now:

The National University has already published the degree course of the 3rd year. If you want to collect this routine, click here under some options. If any information is published from the National University, you can get easy access to this website.

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