GP Internet Offer 2020 – All Grameenphone Internet Package (

GP Internet Offer 2020 – All Grameenphone Internet Package (

Grameenphone all regular Internet package 2020 is here , GP Most Recent update internet data offer (Package) list 2020. This is a big update for Grameenphone, customers will be able to take advantage of all data packages at no cost. Friends, all the information on the GP Internet package can be properly stored here. Grameenphone provides super internet service to its customers. Grameenphone authorities provide different packages to the customer. Customers can buy and Check every internet offer from now on. The price of each package varies. GP provide their packages for Years, monthly, weekly and from here you can buy high and low cost data.

If you are looking for GP Internet Offer 2020, then you are in the right place. Grameenphone is the leading telecom company in Bangladesh. According to a report, it has more than 70 million customers. They are regularly providing various benefits to customer service and have GP helpline services. If you want to enjoy these benefits then read this post. You will get access to GP Internet Offer 2020/ GP Internet Package / Grameenphone Internet. We have all the information about GP Internet Package 2020 here for your convenience.

Grameenphone always offers high-speed complete data packages for their customers. And they have always tried to provide 4G services in every village. If you want to receive GP 4G services, enable GP APPs.

GP Internet offer 2020

Grameenphone is working hard to provide 4G services efficiently. And has been providing this service in every region of Bangladesh. GP customers are connected to their network with this service.

We came Appeared with new things. People are browsing all day to discover these new ideas. To make your search more attractive I am offering Grameenphone Internet Offer / Grameenphone Internet Offers / GP Internet Offer 2020 on our site.

GP internet Package List

Grameenphone Company is creating a list for the customer from which customers can find offers of their choice. I am listing the offers to give you accurate information about all the new offers. Customers can purchase GP Internet Offer 2020 / Package List regularly from here and will try to update as all GP offers are available. This list is just for me GP Bondho SIM Offer

Package Charge Validity Code
5 MB 2.5 BDT 3 Days *121*3002#
85 MB 37 BDT 7 Days *121*3004#
115 MB 56 BDT 30 Days *121*3005#
350 MB 31 BDT 3 Days *121*3083#
555 MB 149 BDT 28 Days *121*3056#
1 GB 89 BDT 7 Days *121*3056#
1.5 GB 108 BDT  7 Days  
1538 MB 239 BDT 30 Days *121*3027#
2GB 54 BDT 3 Days *121*3242#
2 GB (1GB vanilla & 1GB Bioscope) 96 BDT 7 Days *121*3333#
2 GB 229 BDT 28 days  
3 GB 108 BDT 7 Days *121*3344#
3.5 GB 289 BDT 30 Days *121*3391#
5 GB 399 BDT 30 Days *121*3392#
5.5 GB (3GB 3G+2GB 4G) 427 BDT 28 Days *121*3010#
6 GB 609 BDT 28 Days *121*3012#
10 GB 198 BDT 7 Days *121*3133#
15 GB 649 BDT 30 Days *121*3393#
30 GB 998 BDT 30 Days *121*3394#
Whatsapp pack 26 MB 2.5 BDT 3 Days *121*3063#
Viber Video Pack 2.5 BDT 3 Days *121*3070#
Heavy Video Pack 6 BDT 3 Days *121*3020#
Facebook 3 Days 1.5 BDT 3 Days *121*3022#
Emergency data loan (12MB) 5 BDT 3 Days *121*3021#
Facebook 28 Days 18 BDT 28 Days *121*3024#
Facebook 7 Days 6 BDT 7 Days *121*3023#

GP Recharge Internet offer 2020

Grameenphone authorities provide customer service through recharge offers to the general public. Friends, customers have launched the recharge package so that they can easily activate any internet package through recharge. GP provides the customer with the highest speed complete data package with the help of recharge. Grameenphone operators offer different types of offers to the customer and sell them at different prices. Listed here are all Grameenphone offers, people can buy any package they like. Grameenphone operators have made long-term and long-term offers to their customers. From here you can activate any package as per customer’s choice. Here we offer all kinds and you can buy any package at short and long term low and high cost.

Package Price Validity Recharge
35 MB 13 BDT 3 Days
85 MB 38 BDT 7 Days  
115 MB 58 BDT 30 Days  
350 MB 33 BDT 3 Days  
555 MB 149 BDT 28 Days  
1 GB 89 BDT 7 Days  
1 GB 189 BDT 30 Days  
1538 MB 239 BDT 30 Days  
2 GB 54 BDT 3 Days  
3 GB 108 BDT 7 Days  
3 GB 289 BDT 30 Days  
3.5 GB (2GB Regular+1GB 4G) 353 BDT 28 Days  
5 GB 399 BDT 30 Days  
5.5 GB (3.5GB Regular+2GB 4G) 448 BDT 28 Days  
6 GB 148 BDT 7 Days  
6 GB 638 BDT 28 Days  
10 GB 198 BDT 7 Days  
15 GB 649 BDT 30 Days  
30 GB 998 BDT 30 Days  

GP Bonus offer

Now you can enjoy the MB bonus. If you make 45 minutes Speak day, you will receive 1MB per minute for mobile Talktime. One person can enjoy a maximum of 5 MB in one call. If you want to activate this amazing offer * 121 * 1410 #. Offer validity: 3 days.

GP 350 MB Pack

Now GP will get 350 MB internet available for 20 TK. To activate this offer, dial * 121 * 5102 # and 4 days to validate the offer. This offer is available for a limited time.

GP 500 MB 5 TK

Here I will tell you about amazing offers at very low prices and you will get 5 Taka 500 MB internet. To purchase this offer you will need to accept certain conditions such as – You can purchase this offer one time at a time. So dial * 121 * 3805 # to activate this offer.

GP 1000 MB package

GP 1000 MB 17 Tk. You will get this offer (500 MB + 500 MB 4G). If you want to activate the offer go to the MyGP app. You can use it just from my MyGP app. 3 days validity of the offer.

GP 1 GB offer 2019

We will talk to you about 1GB internet. GP 1GB offer, GP1 GB20 Taka, GP1 GB 9 Taka, GP 1 GB Free Offer, GP 1 GB 50 Taka etc. We search for this offer in many cases. Here are the details about GP1GB internet offers.

Grameenphone 1 GB 5 TK

Grameenphone company offers the best. They always offer their customers the best to improve. GP 1GB 5 Tk is the lowest-priced offer. You use this offer 500 MB open browse and 500 MB Facebook. Dial * 500 * 45 # to activate the offer.

GP 1 GB 9 Tk

The most Feeling full offer is 1 GB 9 Taka. The lowest prices and the most available 1 GB. You can use this offer up to 4 times a user. This offer is valid for 28 days. If you would like to purchase the offer, dial * 5020 * 2217 #.

GP 3GB 67 TK

Grameenphone is currently new offering Published. GP provided the lowest cost high speed complete data market. This package is available at a discounted price to any buyer. The total cost to buy the gp 3 gb internet package will be 67 Taka. If you ask, can you purchase this offer through GP MyApp? Usually we solve this problem very quickly. Here, Grameenphone Authority has stated that any customer who wants to purchase this package directly from GP MyApp will be offered a 10% discount. Then you should dial the activation code * 121 * 3284 # to purchase this package. And if you want to cancel this offer, you can dial * 121 * 3041 #.

MYGP-Apps 1 GB 12 Tk

Back to MYGP you can actually enjoy the new offers. Grameenphone has announced a 12Tk 1GB internet offer. If you wish to use this offer, some conditions must be met. This offer is applicable only to customers who are not active on MYGP – from 1st September 2019 to 31st October 2019.

  • 1GB Internet offer expires 3 days.
  • Activate 1 GB internet for 12 Tk.
  • Use 1GB Internet (512 MB + 512 SM)
  • The offer will continue until further notice.
  • You need to check my offer of MYGP to get the offer.

Grameenphone 1 GB 19 TK

GP Company has another new offer that you may be interested in. GP offers this offer 1 GB internet 19 and the offer validity is 14 days. So get in early and buy this offer. You must dial * 5020 * 2218 # from the GP SIM to enable this offer.

GP 18 Tk 1 GB offer

A user can buy 1 GB internet for 18 Tk. But this offer is valid for 3 days. The total cost to purchase this offer will be 18 bucks. Those looking for a lower offer GP offer can purchase this offer. You have seen that many times GP internet prices change. So this offer is being modified.

GP 1 GB @21 Tk

Grameenphone is recently updating the new offer for their customer. You can buy GP 1 GB internet pack for 21 Tk. You can enjoy this offer at the same time. This offer is the new GP package which can get 21 Tk. You can dial * 121 * 5097 # to activate this offer.

GP New offer 1 GB 29 TK

We have got a new offer which is 1GB Internet 29 Tk. The total cost to purchase this offer will be 29 bucks. 5 days validity of the offer. To activate * 121 * 5087 #.

Grameenphone pack 1 GB 31 Tk

Another new offering is 31 Taka 1GB Internet. Offer validity limit is 5 days. * 121 * 5087 # to activate this offer.

GP new pack 1 GB 30 Tk

Another offer here is that GP 1GB Internet customers can purchase within 30 Tk. Dial * 121 * 1 * 4 # to check Internet balance. Activate this offer by dialing * 121 * 5037 #. You can get this offer 4 times and validity for 3 days.

GP 1 GB Internet offer

The most good-looking Internet data package for the customer is 1GB Internet. Currently the 1GB data internet package is calculated receivable to everyone. GP all data packages sells to low cost customers. You will get some information and accurate Result about using 1GB internet package is here. The offer apply to everyone?

If a customer thinks this offer is appropriate, you can buy this package. We have 1GB internet data package, you can buy 1GB internet through mobile SMS such as: 9 Tk, 18 Taka. Already many customers have deleted SMS for data packages. If you customers forget about 1GB package code, you can get accurate information from here. If you are happy with this offer, share it with friends. GP Internet 2020 check offer.

Package Price Code Number Validity
1 GB 5 TK *500*45# 7 Days
1 GB 9 TK *5020*2217# 28 Days
1 GB 18 TK 121*3234# 3 Days
1 GB 21 TK *121*5097# 7 Days
1 GB 31 TK *121*5087# 5 Days
1 GB 50 TK *121*3844# 7 Days
1 GB 86 TK *121*3056# 7 Days
1 GB 104 TK *121* 7 Days
1 GB 189 TK *121*3390# 30 Days
  500 MB   9 Tk   *121*5200#   7 Days
  1 GB   17 Tk   *121*3237#  7 Days

Grameenphone 500 Mb offer

Grameenphone Authority has provided 500 MB of internet for the customer. You can buy 500 MB packages in the short term for 9 Tk. This offer is the most popular internet offer GP that everyone is interested in buying. You can activate this offer by dialing * 121 * 5200 #. A buyer can buy a maximum of 1 time and expire 7 days.

Grameenphone 1 GB 17 Tk offer

Buy short-term internet offers from here. Currently 1 GB Internet 17 is the most popular internet offer. Customers have expressed interest in activating this offer. If you would like to receive this offer, dial * 121 * 5097 #. The offer is priced at17 Taka and expires 7 days. This offer is not available to everyone.

Grameenphone 1 GB 25 Tk offer

Grameenphone allows 1 GB internet to enable 25 Taka. Ordinary people can’t buy these packages? This lucky offer can get some lucky buyers. You are the lucky one to dial * 121 * 5192 # for this offer. This package is priced at 25 Tk and expires 7 days.

GP 50 Tk 1GB offer

GP made an attractive offer of 50 Taka. 1 GB internet at a low cost of more than 50 Tk. 7 days validity of this offer. You can dial * 121 * 3844 # to activate the offer.

GP 1 GB 189 Tk package

This is another new offering from GP. You can activate this offer if you agree. Dial * 121 * 3390 # to activate the GP 1GB 189 Taka offer. If you are interested in this offer, you can activate this offer for 1 month. Validity: 30 days.

GP 1.5 GB 30 Day offer

GP offers 1.5 GB internet. Activate if interested. Dial * 121 * 3390 # to activate the offer. Validation time is 30 days. Those who know how to expand on the Internet offer purchase this offer.

GP 2 GB internet offer

GP Offer Taka Validity Activation Code
2 GB 38 Tk 3 Days *121*3242#
2 GB 44 Tk 3 Days  
2 GB 48 Tk 3 Days  
2 GB 54 Tk 3 Days *121*3242#

GP 2 GB 38 TK: Grameenphone Company recently introduced new super offers for their customers. If you would like to purchase regular offers at lower prices, see here. GP 2GB Internet 38 Tk. Dial * 121 * 3242 # if you would like to use this offer.

GP 2 GB 44 TK: You have 44 Tk 2 GB internet offers. If you would like to activate this offer, dial * 121 * 3242#. 3 days validity of this offer.

GP 2 GB 48 TK : Enjoy 2 GB internet for 48 Taka. Use this offer at a lower price. 3 days validity of the offer. Offering this offer, GP offers another new offer.

GP 2 GB 54 TK: At present, we see that GP 54 Tk has made 2 GB internet offer. This offer is a regular offer. Each of these offers users can purchase. 3 days validity of the offer. Dial * 121 * 3242 # to activate this offer.

GP 555 MB offer

Grameenphone has announced 555 MB internet sales for its customers. You can enjoy this offer for the whole month by buying at Tk 149. This Offer can be purchased by any local customers. To activate this offer, please Recharge 149 Tk or dial * 121 * 3007 # code and expire 30 days.

GP 85 MB internet offer at 38 Taka. Any Grameenphone customers can purchase this offer. You can purchase this package by Recharge 38 Tk or dial * 121 * 3004 # and the offer expires 30 days.

GP 30 GB internet offer. Grameenphone has been providing the largest Internet service for Only 1 month. This offer is a low cost attractive internet package for the entire month. If you are searching for this offer then you need to Recharge 998 Tk or dial * 121 * 3394 # code to activate 30 GB internet. This offer is priced at 998 Taka and expires 30 days.

Grameenphone Monthly Internet pack

GP has come to you with super monthly internet offers. Here you will try to reach Grameenphone monthly Internet offers first of all. Customers will get all the information the data offers here. GP monthly offers will allow all customers to buy high speed full 1 GB, 2 GB, 3 GB, 5 GB and up to 20 GB internet. Friends have published a list of such data offers, can choose any offer you like and buy at a lower cost.

GP 1GB is supplying the Super First Internet package to the customer. You can also buy this offer from 1 GB 189 Taka. All Grameenphone customers can purchase this offer. We hope to receive this offer in the long term.

Authorities have unveiled this data package to provide Grameenphone 3GB long-term internet service to everyone. 289 Buy 3GB Internet to come here. You can activate this offer by recharging.

Grameenphone has launched the 15GB + Sliver STER Status package. This offer can be used at any time of the month (24 hours a day) 24 hours a day. If you wish to activate this offer you will be able to purchase through recharge.

Grameenphone is selling 30 GB + Gold STAR Status Internet packages. If you want to buy this offer, please recharge 998 Tk. This is Grameenphone longest-term Internet service.

GP 4G Internet Package

Here we will discuss the offer of GP 4G replace SIM. Only 4G SIM customers can avail of this offer. Currently, 4G SIM offers 4G internet offers. You will be eligible for this offer When a customer uses 2G, 3G, SIM, you will be eligible for this offer. If you want to activate this offer then you can accept this offer by replacing 3G SIM and 4G. Enjoy 5GB internet free as you offer to replace SIM. This offer is valid within 7 days. Here 1.5GB data can be used on 2G, 3G + 3G GB 4G SIM.

Grameenphone has started offering the highest speed full 4G data package. GP 200 GB is the largest package. This offer is available only one 4G SIM, 4G Mobile, 4G Network with this offer. Customers will be able to purchase the package for 1999 Tk. Dial * 121 * 3438 # and activate the package and the package expires 30 days.

GP 4 GB Internet offer 2020

Since this year, Grameenphone has launched 4G Internet service. GP 2020 All customers are free to use the 4G offer. Grameenphone Company has been providing all kinds of facilities to the customer since the launch of the 4G service. If your smartphone has a 4G network system then you are well suited for this offer. GP authorities have announced this offer for 4G subscribers. 4G mobile handsets and 4G SIM and 4G mobile networks are required to use this offer.

Volume Price Validity Activation Code
6 GB 4GB Pack 118 Tk 7 Days *121*3434#
20 GB 4 GB Pack 499 Tk 30 Days *121*3435#
50 GB 4G Pack 999 Tk 30 Days *121*3436#
100 GB 4G Pack 1,499 Tk 30 Days *121*3437#
200GB 4G Pack 1,999 Tk 30 Days *121*3002#

GP 6 GB Internet Package service at the lowest price at 118 Taka. You must have 4G SIM and 4G Mobile to use this offer, but you can use this offer. If you want to activate this offer you will need to recharge 118 Taka and dial * 121 * 3434 # code. This package is priced at 118 Taka and is suitable for 4G networks. 6 GB Internet Expiration 7 days.

GP 20 GB Internet Pacakage

Grameenphone 20 GB 4G Internet Package. This offer allows 4G customers to buy. The GP 20GB Internet package is priced at 499Tk. This offer can be purchased on 4G networks, 4G mobiles and 4G SIM customers. To activate this offer, dial * 121 * 3435 # and expire 30 days.

Grameenphone’s most attractive 4G Internet service. The GP 50 GB 4G package is priced at 999 Tk. This offer is suitable for long-term customers. This offer can be purchased by any 4G customers. If you want to activate this offer, dial * 121 * 3436 #. Internet offer period is 30 days.

GP Night Pack Internet offer

As many of you may not know, GP Night offers packages. Then you get the GP 1GB Night Package for 30 bucks. 3 SMS free with 1 GB internet offer. Not all customers will be able to receive this offer! Dial * 121 * 3843 # to Code activate the offer. The Validity of this package: 14 days. Please enjoy another offer of GP 2 GB internet. The total cost to buy this offer is 36 Taka. 1 GB Internet Validity 7 days and the remaining 1 GB meadow 24 hours. Dial * 5020 * 2214 # to buy the offer.

Anyone can buy this offer. You can enjoy this offer 104 GB 1.6 GB + 500 MB Facebook package. 7 days validity of the offer and dial * 121 * 3842 # to activate the offer. Here is another night package offer for 61 Tk. You can use this offer from 12 am to 10 pm. The duration of this offer is 7 days. Dial * 121 * 3069 # to activate the offer customer.

Grameenphone Recharge Offer

Grameenphone customers are looking for internet service through Recharge. However, for every Grameenphone user, you will find the details of your offer here. Customers can now enjoy internet through recharge. You have to recharge BDT 86 to enjoy 1GB internet offer. Again this company can buy 1.5 GB internet at a recharge of TK 129. Here you can activate 2GB internet package at a charge of TK 129. You need to use the FlexPlan app to enable each of these operators. 7 days validity of this offer.

Grameenphone Unlimited Internet Package

If GP customers are looking for unlimited internet packages! Enjoy your offer easily. However, you can buy 20 GB internet package here. You can activate this offer for 30 days. You must dial * 121 * # to activate this offer.

Currently, no SIM company heads unlimited internet access. If you are aware of this offer then you will know the correct information about this offer. You can activate the offer later if this offer is true. GP Internet offer 2020 Check.

Grameenphone Emargency Internet

Welcome to Grameenphone Emergency Internet Offers. Today I will discuss with you the Emergency Internet Offer.

Who can use the Grameenphone Emergency Internet? This offer can be enabled by any GP customer. You can purchase this offer even if you have a mobile balance 0 pack.

  • Each customer of Bangladesh activates this package easily. The following are discussed: –
  • Emergency balance for each customer will receive a minimum of 30 MB.
  • If you would like to know the emergency balance for you, dial * 121 * 1010 * 2 #.
  • Dial * 121 * 3141 # to activate this offer.
  • This offer is only available for prepaid customers.
  • You can buy this offer if your original offer is less than Rs 5 and internet balance is less than 5 MB.
  • This offer is a 10 loan 30 MB data loan with a 3 day period.
  • Later, your price balance will be deducted at Tk.
  • To cancel this offer, dial * 121 * 3041 #.

Grameenphone MB offer

We often see that customers look for GP internet offer 2020/ GP MB packages. When we browse mobile many times, the MB ends. So it gives you ideas to buy a data package. You can easily enjoy 64 MB and 500 MB packages for free. But this offer is not currently open. You can buy 145 MB internet for 15 bucks. You must dial * 121 * 3846 # to activate this offer.

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