GP Minute Pack 2020 | All Grameenphone Minutes Package

GP Minute Pack 2020 | All Grameenphone Minutes Package

Grameenphone updates all minute packs in 2020. GP customers can purchase all Minute packs from Chipe Rate here. GP authorities updated all minute offers to the public. Grameenphone is the leading telecommunications mobile operator company in Bangladesh.

They always do some new package services for their customers. In Bangladesh, it is estimated that 70 million people are connected to this SIM every day. GP All packages offered individually to these customers are provided for the benefit of the customers, which works best and all the benefits are GP Internet Pack 2020, GP talktime offer, GP free bonus offer, GP free SMS offer.

Bangladesh of GP offers high-speed callrate or minute offers. GP provides minute packages to customers’ needs. We have published offers by listing our own website, protected by Grameenphone. GP offers individual minutes for each customer. Customers sell monthly, daily, yearly, weekly minute packages according to their preferences. GP prices for each product individually. You can activate any offer from here.

GP Minutes Pack 2020

Here is a list of Grameenphone minute packages 2020. GP company customers provide their various voice benefits. They sell low-cost minute offers at different prices. According to the GP company website, there are about 15 minutes more packages.

Which can be activated according to the convenience of the customer Save all data included in GP Minute Package to your liking. From here, select offers in minute bundles according to customer demand. You can customize the package you like and buy at a lower price. We’ve listed the different packages below.

gp minute pack 2020
gp minute pack 2020

Latest Update Grameenphone Minute offer BTRC Notice

Minute offer Price Validity Activation
4 Minutes offer 2.44 Tk 4 Hours *121*4022#
10 Minutes 6 TK 6 hours *121*4024#
23 Minutes 14 Tk 16 hours *121*4001#
40 Minutes 24 Tk 24 Hours *121*4002#
70 Minutes 44 Tk 4 Days *121*4003#
85 Minutes + 50 SMS 53 Tk 7 days *121*4004#
100 Minute 59 Tk 7 days *121*4205#
125 Minutes 78 Tk 7 days *121*4026#
160 Minutes 99 Tk 7 days *121*4006#
200 Minutes 117 Tk 10 days *121*4007#
330 Minutes 199 Tk 30 days *121*4018#
400 Minutes 233 Tk 15 days *121*4008#
500 Minutes 288 Tk 30 Days *121*5074#

GP is the number 1 mobile network service company in Bangladesh. They sell customers high-quality network-specific minute packages at low cost. They want customers to offer minute packages to all customers at low prices. The GP authorities have given the customer a minute offer at different prices considering all things.

GrameenPhone Minute Offer

Grameenphone Company all latest offers here. We always try to tell customers the latest GP minute package offer. As a company, Grameenphone Bangladesh Limited is ready to provide internet service / minute service to all customers.

According to the data, Grameenphone provides customers with various information services such as GP Internet Offer, GP Minute Offer, GP Helpline Facility or GP Emergency Internet Balance, GP Emergency Minute Balance. As a Bangladeshi citizen, Grameenphone service is introduced by providing Grameenphone for the benefit. Grameenphone is ready for you all.

Minute Offer Price Validity Activation Code
4 Minute 2.44 TK 4 Hours *121*4022#
10 Minute 6 TK 6 Hours *121*4024#
23 Minute 14 TK 16 Hours *121*4001#
40 Minute 24 TK 24 Hours *121*4002#
70 Minute 44 TK 4 Days *121*4003#
85 Minute + 50 SMS 53 TK 7 Days *121*4004#
100 Minute 59 TK 7 Days *121*4205#
125 Minute 78 TK 7 Days *121*4026#
160 Minute 99 TK 7 Days *121*4006#
200 Minute 117 TK 10 Days *121*4007#
330 Minute 199 TK 30 Days *121*4018#
400 Minute 233 TK 15 Days *121*4008#
500 Minute 288 TK 30 Days *121*5074#

GP 4 Minute Bundle

Grameenphone 4 minute bundle offer. All customers can use this offer. You need to dial * 121 * 4022 # to activate the 4 Minute package. The offer purchase amount is 2.44 taka. 4 Hours validity. This offer applies to any local operator.

GP 6 Minute pack

GP 6 Minute Offer Available 3.45 Taka. This offer will be available to any Grameenphone customer. The offer is validity: 4 hours. Dial * 121 * 4023 # to activate the offer.

GP 8 Minute Bundle Pack

There is no code specific to the GP 8 minute offer. You can use this offer twice in 4 minutes. So the total cost of the offer is 6 Taka.

GrameePhone 10 Minute offer

GP presents an offer to the customer which costs Rs 5.70. GP 10 minutes This offer applies to all customers. Attractive Buy This Offer For Any Buyer At Low Cost This offer is valid 6 hours. Dial * 121 * 4024 # to activate this offer.

GP 12 Minute offer

GP Now you can recharge from FlexPlan applications and use the 12 Minute bundle package. You will receive 12 minutes using this method. To activate the offer, you will need to recharge 9 Bucks. You can enjoy 16 Minute offer 9 bucks in exchange for 12 Minute offer.

GP 15 Minute pack

Customers can easily accept 9 Hour 15 Minute offer. The total cost of the offer is 8.40 Taka. Offer expires 10 hours. Activate the offer from the list above. Dial * 121 * 4060 # to activate this offer.

GP 24 Minute pack

GP can get the low-cost minute offer. You can enjoy a 24-minute talk time offer at 14 bucks. Dial * 121 * 4001 # to activate this offer. Offer validity 16 hours.

GP 42 Minute offer

Grameenphone offer 42 Minute offer. You can use this offer on any local operator. This offer is one of GP’s most popular offers. If you would like to activate this package dial * 121 * 4002 #. This offer is valid for 1 day.

GP 100 Minute offer 2020

Grameenphone low price and last a new minute offer Published. GP provides the lowest cost attractive minute package to the public. The general public can active this package. GP has arrived with 100 Minute talk time offer. This service allows any customer to get. Here you can purchase 100 minutes talk time to Recharge 59 Tk. The total cost you have to buy the 100 minute package is 59 Taka and expires 7 days. Dial * 121 * 4205 # to activate this offer. This offer applies to any local operator.

GP 100 Minute

Currently, Recharge and enjoy 100 minutes talk time easily. You must recharge FlexPlan to enable this offer. You can buy this offer at a recharge of 69.40 Taka. This offer validity 7 days. So GP customers who are looking for 100 Minute offer can choose this package. The total cost will be Tk. 73.29 if you activate this offer for 15 days. Again, if you choose to buy this offer for 30 days validity, you can activate TK 85.23.

GP 175 Minute 99 TK

GP can buy 175 minutes talk time for 99 Taka. This offer is for any local operator. Any user can buy the offer. 7 days validity of the offer. If you want to activate this offer as much as you can, dial * 121 * 4006 #.

GP 200 Minute pack

This offer is a new Talktime offer. You can now enjoy 200 minutes talk time at 113 bucks. You can also activate this offer by recharging. This offer is valid for 10 days. You can dial * 121 * 4007 # to purchase the 113 TK offer. This offer is intended for any operator.

GP 300 Minute

This offer is a new Talktime offer. You can now enjoy 200 minutes talk time at 113 bucks. You can also activate this offer by recharging. This offer is valid for 10 days. You can dial * 121 * 4007 # to purchase the 113 TK offer. This offer is intended for any operator.

GP Recharge Minute offer 2020


Grameenphone Recharge Minute Talktime Offer 2020. Enjoy the Grameenphone Recharge Minute package, as all mobile opt company offers offer BTRC new notice. GP currently offers customer benefits, which another operator does not offer. Following the terms of the BRTC, the Grameenphone company can seriously see that with the use of the minute offer code, they will be able to get good benefits if they keep the offer of Fixload recharge available.

GP 10 minutes offer

So, if you look at them, then you can see that the Grameenphone can be purchased from 10 minutes offer to 450 minutes talk time offer. You have to be aware that any offer currently available to Grameenphone customers may be 10 minutes offer. If friends can buy the offer at a lower cost, Dial * 121 * 4024 # to activate the offer. Offer duration for a limited time such as 4 hours.

GP All Minute package Recharge offer

If you want to enjoy the minute offer directly through Frescoad, Grameenphone Company has kept these customer benefits for everyone. If we enjoy this offer without using any code, then you can recharge this force by Flexiload and take advantage of it right now. Grameenphone customers are ready for the right time at the right time. Get all GP minutes / Grameenphone GP / GP bonus for Grameenphone Regular or get them all before updating. Step far from Grameenphone.

Minute package Validity Recharge
24 Minutes ( GP-Any local operator) 16 hours 14 Tk
40 Minutes ( GP-Any local operator) 24 hours 24 Tk
70 Minutes ( GP-Any local operator 4 days 43 Tk
85 Minutes ( GP-Any local operator) + 50 Any net SMS 7 days 53 Tk
100 Minute 7 Days 59 Tk
130 Minutes ( GP-Any local operator) 7 days 78 Tk
170 Minutes ( GP-Any local operator) 7 days 99 Tk
190 Minutes ( GP-Any local operator) 10 days 113 Tk
410 Minutes ( GP-Any local operator) 15 days 237 Tk

Grameenphone 42 minutes 40 Minute Offer

Grameenphone 42 minutes offer is not currently available, as the BRTC notice is issued by GP company for 42 minutes to 40 minutes. This offer is currently available as a 42-minute package. To buy the 40 Minute offer, dial * 121 * 4002 #, or you can enjoy the offer by recharging the offer. This pack is valid for 24 hours. The 40 minutes offer is for sale of 24 Taka for customer’s convenience.

GP 60 Minutes offer

Any user easily Buy Gp 60 Minute offer by using the Flexiplan APP. It is very helpful that using the Flexiplan app users can buy any GP bundle pack as they want. To buy GP 60 Minutes it will cost 46 TK for 7 Days.

Grameenphone 75 minutes offer

Grameenphone 75 minutes offer is applicable to everyone. Now the Grameenphone Company has given importance to the 75-minute package to be available to all customers at the market for the benefit of all customers. The offer is 4 days. 75-minute package (GP-any local operator) can be used.

GP 85 minutes Offer

GP number 1 mobile network. Enjoy Grameenphone Talktime Offer in 24 Hours. Enjoy a GP package of 78 or dial the code by dialling the minute package. Dial * 121 * 4004 # to enjoy 85 minutes of talk time. Duration: 7 days. With 50 SMS GP 85 minutes package, you can get free.

GP 130 minutes Offer

If the customers enjoy the facility by purchasing this offer. Grameenphone brings up the whole week with a minute package. Enjoy GP 130 minutes talk time. Offer weekly for all weekly operators. If you want to buy this offer again while this offer, the offer will be able to purchase the offer at any time and the previous minutes will be added to the offer. For example, you have GP 50 minutes before the expiration of the offer, 50 + 130 = for the total 180 minutes talk time 1 week, from the date the buyer has bought it for 1 week.

GP 190 minutes Package

At present, minute talk time is the medium of attractive communication in the modern mobile operator era. This statement can not be considered impossible because it is identified as one of the leading Centers of communication in modern times. Enjoy the GP 190 minute offer at 10 days. The 190 Minute package is GrameenPhone, which is Tk 113 at any local operator.

Grameenphone 125 Minute pack

phone 125 minute talk time 78 Tk. This offer is eligible for both prepaid and postpaid customers. The 78 minute package can be used 24 hours a day. If you would like to activate this package dial * 121 * 4026 #. GP 125 Minute Package Price 78 Taka. * 121 * 1 * 2 # to check the minute balance. If you wish to develop or purchase this offer through another app, remember that the balance will be deducted before purchasing this offer.

GP 85 minutes and 50 SMS at 53 Taka. Grameenphone Minute offers purchased can be used at any local operator. Customers can use 50 SMS with 85 minutes talk time on any operator. The total cost is 53 Tk and the package can be used to Recharge this activation. Dial * 121 * 4004 # to activate the offer. If you wish to develop or purchase an offer through another app, remember that any outstanding money will be deducted before purchasing this offer.

GP 160 minutes 99 taka. Customers eligible to receive this offer must dial * 121 * 4006 #. Customers 160 minutes package applies to any local operator. The GP 160 Minute Package is priced at 99 BDT and 7 days. Dial * 121 * 1 * 2 # to check GP minute balance.

GP Emergency Minute offer 2020

Balance ends when customers talk on mobile, they need GP Emergency Minute Balance. Yes, but you are right, you need GP Emergency Talktime Balance service when your mobile balance is up. Grameenphone has launched GP Emergency Services to provide customer service. Here are some terms you must adhere to to get the GP Emergency Balance. The following conditions are given by the authorities to provide full service to the customer: –

GP Emergency Balance Terms:

  • GP Prepaid customers will get Emergency Balance maximum 200 Taka.
  • Minimum Emergency Balance 11 Tk.
  • You can dial * 121 * 1010 * 2 # to inquire about this offer. Check this offer for how much money you get.
  • Dial * 121 * 1 * 3 # to get Emergency Balance.
  • Customers can use any voice call and SMS.
  • You will receive an Emergency Balance by VOI over your usage.
  • Dial * 121 * 1 * 3 # to check Emergency Balance.

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