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HSC Result 2020 Date Bangladesh Ministry of Education announced results. Press release on the orders of the Ministry of Education and Education Board published the test date of HSC Result 2020. The date of 19th July 2020. On this day, all the Board of Education of the Board of Bangladesh will publish the HSC Result. The result is educationboard.gov.bd which can be found on the education board website. Students can get their results through mobile SMS. PSC Routine 2019

hsc result 2019

HSC Result 2020 Published Results Publication Date- The results of the examination always play important role in Bangladesh. There are various types of examinations in our country. Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) test is one of them. This is an important public examination in our country. If you are an HSC Result 2020 candidate and are looking for the correct results, you are in the right place. Here we discuss the results of the HSC published in 2020. So be patient and eventually read this article.

HSC Result 2020:

This year the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Examination was started on 1st April, 2020 and ended on May 11, 2020. About 12,6242 students of this year are eligible to take part in HSC exams from all over Bangladesh. There are 6,54,114  Student boys and 5,64,514 Student Girl. Number 8,305 in a total institution under 10 education boards in Bangladesh.

The Students are from 8 Education Board, Madrasha Board, and Technical Board. According to the statistics, The Students.

HSC Exam Result 2020 Published Date:

In our country, we know that after the end of the examination, the results are published within three months. In July 2020, HSC and Alim Result 2019 in the examination will be published. Potential date July 19 All education boards in Bangladesh will publish the HSC results in 2020 on the same day. The education minister of Bangladesh at 10:10 am. Dipu Moni will handover Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina full result Results will be posted at 2:00 PM and will be available online. Then you can test your test results from the official website of Bangladesh Education Board, http://www.educationboard.gov.bd. Check out your results through Mobile SMS.

Statistic of HSC Candidates

Eight General Board – 1092,607

Madrasha Board – 100,127

Techinical Board – 117,754

Male students – 692,730

Female students – 618,727

Total Exam Center – 2,541

Besid these, Almost 300 Student took part in HSC exam from the seven foreign Center

Information Source: Daily Star

HSC Result publishing System of Bangladesh:

All the results will be published within 90 days of the examination, according to the Bangladesh Ministry of Education Ministry and Education Board. It is rumored that the results will be published within 60 days of the examination.

hsc result 2019 (4)

Following these rules, the most likely date for publishing HSC exam results is the last week of July. If you follow the date of test with April 3, 2019, it is related to date. The test was ended on 13 May 2019. Considering every date and time, and with the date of previous year’s HSC result, we have calculated that date 19th July 2019.

Previous Year HSC Result Date:

As told you, we have considered the time of the previous HSC results date and the time of the exam. For your consideration, we’ve described the date of HSC results last year

Serial No. Publish Date Year
1 27th July 2011
2 18th July 2012
3 3rd August 2013
4 13th August 2014
5 9th August 2015
6 18th August 2016
7 23rd July 2017
8 19th July 2018

Based on the above statistics, it is almost sure that the result will be published in the last week of July 2019 and most Possible date is July 2019.

HSC Result Publication System:

In Bangladesh, the results of all major academic exams have been published in the grade point system. HSC results are not exceptional for them. HSC results will be published on the GPA system.

How GPA is Calculated in HSC:

 After Passing the SSC Exam students have the ability to choose the group.

There are three groups

a) Science

b) Business Studies

c) Humanities

The of the Students is given Subject according to the Groups. Bengali, English, and ICT are common subjects for each group.

The remaining Subject is varied from Group to Group. They can select an optional subject which is known as the fourth subject.

Every subject of each exam should be present. If they are unsuccessful or Fail in a matter, the final result will Fail.

They have to pass individually both subjective, objective and Practical marks.

Each Subject can be converted to grade-grade points. Optional or fourth issue will be added to the two (2) subscriptions

The total grade points will be calculated. Then it will be divided by total subject. Which is known as Grade Point Average or GPA

The failure of this Subject refers to F grade. A (+) plus HSC Exam system is the highest GPA There are two types of A +. Golden A + and Normal A +

A + considers each subject as Golden A + and if anybody misses anything, optional subjects help to gain an extra grade A + but it is calculated as a Normal A +

HSC Exam Result 2020 Grading System:

The Current grading system to determining the Grade Point Average (GPA) is given below-

Grading Grading Points Grade Symbol
80-100 5 A +
70-79 4 A
60-69 3.5 A –
50-59 3 B
40-49 2 C
33-40 1 D
32-0 0 F

How to get HSC Result 2020:

There are Three different ways to Check the results of the HSC examinations in 2019. The first method is the online method and the second method is Mobile SMS and the third method is the Mobile Application. All procedures are listed below of procedure-

These options are:

1. Mobile SMS

2. Education Board Website

3. Web-based Result Publication

4. Different Education Board website

5. Colleges

6. Result By Apps

We will describe it here. We Also provide the Fastest HSC Result for you. Keep in touch with a2zresultbd.com .com

HSC Result 2020 Marksheet:

The Bangladesh Education Board will provide full mark sheet on their official websites for the HSC examinations of 2019. If you want to get results with full mark sheet, you can visit their various official websites or download the result here if the result is available.

Education Board Results through a2zresultbd.com

We are providing you the fastest result of HSC before any other website. To check the result simply follow the following option.

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HSC Result 2020 for All education Board check by Internet:

The popular method of finding results in our country online. Through online, you can easily test its results. So if you want to Check your HSC exam results you can try online. Check out the results online through online is very easy. First, go to the link- educationboardresults and see the interface below- রেজাল্ট দখতে এখানে ক্লিক educationboardresults.gov.bd এবং মার্কশীট দেখতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন :HSC Result 2019 Marksheet.

hsc result 2019 (5)

Check HSC result 2020:

Then select Examination name, year of examination, board name, Roll number, Registration number, and then complete the caps match and click the submit button below. Then you will easily see your results.

HSC Result 2020 for All Education Board Check by Mobile SMS:

Mobile SMS is the easiest way to Check the results of HSC exams in 2020. If you have a smartphone or feature phone, you can easily see your results through SMS. First, type HSC in your mobile option and give a space and then type your HAC bore number and enter another place and type the exam year and send it to 16622.

The SMS format is given below-

HSC/Alim <Space>First
three letters of Board Name <Space> Roll No<Space> 2020

Then Send do it 16222 Number

You can use any opratoes of Bangladesh To Send this SMS.

The Education Board Kywords are

  • Dhaka Education Board – DHA
  • Rajshahi Education Board – RAJ
  • Comilla Education Board – COM
  • Jessore Education Board – JES
  • Chittagong Education Board – CHI
  • Barisal Education Board – BAR
  • Sylhet Education Board – SYL
  • Dinajpur Education Board – DIN
  • Madrasah Education Board – MAD
  • Technical Education Board – TEC

For Technical Result 2019-

TYPE HSC TEC 123456 2019 Send

For Technical Result 2020

Suppose, you are looking for the Technical result whose roll number is 123456. Then you can send SMS in the following format

HSC DHA 123456 2019 and send to

The SMS format for Madrasa education board is similar, change the name of the test.

Remember, there is enough balance in your mobile phone while sending an SMS. Otherwise sending messaging fails. For every SMS, you will be charged 2.50 taka. This SMS format works for all mobile operators in Bangladesh and as a result, Teletalk operates Bangladesh. Mobile SMS results will be sent after 2.00pm.

Education Board Website (www.educationboardresult.gov.bd)

The results of the HSC results on the Education Board website are the second best option for the Institution. Here you will find results in all the educationboardresults. রেজাল্ট দখতে এখানে ক্লিক educationboardresults.gov.bd এবং মার্কশীট দেখতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন :HSC Result 2019 Marksheet

hsc result 2019 (5)

To get the result fo follow the steps

Visit the Website. Click Here

Select Examination Type

Then Select Board

Enter Roll and Registration Number

Enter the Captcha

Click on the Submit Button

Get the result

Webbsed Result Publication system eboardresults.com

Web-Based Results Publishing System is a website where you can find different types of results. Website address eboardresults.com

This web portal will provide the different types of results. these are

Individual results: You can easily get a person’s results by entering the roll number and selecting the year

Institutional Result: Every Institutional has an EIN number. You can download the HSC results of all the students of that institution by entering the EIN number.

Center Result: This type of center shows results. The results of all candidates who were available in the examination of the center could be downloaded.

District results: District’s full results. A

Institutional analysis: It shows information about graph times and organizations. Which helps you find results.

Board Analysis: Like an Institution Analysis

Different Education Board Website:

There are General Educational Board in Bangladesh which publishes their results of their candidates. These Educational Boards are

Dhaka Educational Board: dhakaeducationalboard.gov.bd

Rajshahi Educational Board: rajshahieducationalboard.gov.bd

Comilla Educational Board: comillaeducationboard.gov.bd

Jessore Educational Board: jessoreeducationalboard.gov.bd

Chittagong Educational Board: chittagongeducationalboard.gov.bd

Barisal Educational Board: barisaleducationalboard.gov.bd

Sylhet Educational Board: sylheteducationalboard.gov.bd

Dinajpur Educational Board: dinajpureducationalboard.gov.bd

Madrasah Educational Board: madrasaheducationalboard.gov.bd

All of the official website published their Results.

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