JSC Result 2020 (Update)-Bangladesh All Education Board(রেজাল্ট দেখুন)

JSC Result 2020 (Update)-Bangladesh All Education Board(রেজাল্ট দেখুন)

JSC Result 2020: JSC Result 2019 Bangladesh Education Board Authority will be published in this last week and 31th December. JSC Short Name “Junior School Certificate“. Students have to complete the Eighth Class and take the exam. Bangladesh is the second public exam and it is the second public school exam for students. Students have to take PSC exam before JSC examination. Every Year Thousands of Students the JSC Exam. In fact, it is the largest public examination in Bangladesh. Here we look at the JSC and JDC Result methods individually and provide both results testing methods.

Source: JSC Result 2019 Comilla board

JSC Result 2020

After attending the school for Eight years, the students have attended the ”JSC for junior school certificate” Exam. The Bangladesh Ministry of Education controls this Exam. This is the second public examination. Bangladesh Education Board Under the Secondary and Higher Secondary Examination Results and the JSC Examination 2020 have been Published. Currently, the JSC exam routine has been published, according to Bangladesh Education Board notice the exam will start on 2nd November. The first exam will be Bangla and the exam will end on 18th November.

Of course, Students will have to follow all the exam rules. You must be present at the exam center 30 minutes before the start of the exam. No Electric devices (mobile phones, modern watches and modern computing machines) will be allowed to enter during the exam. They have to take the MCQ and written exam. If a student does not appear in the exam the result will not be published. Next year, those exams will have to be given again and wait for the results.

JSC Result 2020 Top 10 Education Board First Code

Students are list below to easily find 10 education boards. Bangladesh Board of Education under the total of 10 education boards are operated. The Education Board official website can easily find the results of the Marksheet. If you JSC Exam Marksheet including interested in knowing the results keep find out when the results will be published Easy on this website and join our Facebook page. So stay with us.

Education Board Name Short Board Name
Dhaka Education Board DHA
Chittagong Education Board CHI
Comilla Education Board COM
Barisal Education Board BRA
Dinajpur Education Board DIN
Rajshahi Education Board RAJ
Sylhet Education Board SYL
Jessore Education Board JES
Mymensingh Education Board MYM
Madrasa Education Board MAD

JSC Result 2020 Publish Date

After completing the JSC exam, the education board will provide information on the results. The published date of the Result can be found on their official website. The Bangladesh Education Board either directly on the television or in the newspaper will announce the results. According to their announcement, the results will be published in the last week of December. JSC Result published date Possible 28 December 2020.

For example, JSC Result will be Published in December 2020. The Bangladesh Education Board will be available on the official website, SMS and school notice boards after 2pm.

How to Check JSC Result 2020

There are different ways to check JSC Result. School authorities publish the Result through their official website or notice board. Currently Internet age now, students can easily check their results at home. Bangladesh Education Board of there is two website, where all the Result are available and You can check the result here. The Bangladesh Telecommunication companies are having come up with special facilities for checking Result. You can check the Result of all mobile operator help using the SMS method.

There are still many people in this country who have no idea about the internet. So, it is difficult to collect of their experiments the Result. The easiest way is to know the Result via SMS.

JSC Result 2020 Full Marksheet

Students are waiting for the JSC Result 2019 Marksheet . And save the JSC Exam Result 2019 Marksheet  without waiting. We do assume that in the JSC Result 2019 marksheet Exam, your results mirror. For the first time, you only get Result with Grade points. “Marksheet is published” hours after the JSC exam Result were published. You will get Result with the complete Marksheet of 2019. To know how many numbers students have received on each subject, A marksheet is required.

You can use Marksheet to get accurate information about test results. In the Marksheet you will also find that there is a problem with your results, for example, that you could indicate that one of the tests was bad. Then after reviewing the Marksheet, you received from here, you will be able to apply to the Education Board to replicate your results in the SMS exam.

JSC Result 2020(educationboardresults.gov.bd) Check

In the modern age, I ask you a simple question, how can you check the Junior School Certificate (JSC) and Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) Exam results using the internet quickly. For many, it is a simple matter and for many, it is a complex matter. Then you read our article in detail and stay tuned. I would say you can easily check the results at a very quick time. What do you have to do to climb! First, open your internet browser by starting the data connection. Then search options that you can use. You can type “JSC Result 2019” inside the search box and click on the button.educationboardresults

Education Board Result 2020

All JSC, SSC and HSC Result 2019 results of Bangladesh Education Board Result will be published here. Welcome Junior School Certificate (JSC) and SSC School Certificate (SSC) and HSC Secondary Certificate (HSC). We will discuss here the results of JSC and JDC of all education boards of Bangladesh. Here we tell you in simple terms that the JSC, SSC and HSC results will be published and the exam results will be more informed.

If you want to get results very easily, you can check out Education Board Result here. You can save the result of every education board of Bangladesh from this website. If you would like to know your results please save the correct information here. You can check the JSC, SSC and HSC results from this website. Some rules need to be followed to preserve this result.

Check: JSC Result 2020

If you want to get JSC and JDC Result 2019 then you will need to access the trusted website. If you do not want to search the results you want here, do not go to the search and check the results are disabled. So you can go directly to the official website of the Board of Education and check the test results very easily. You can search for the results from our website if you like.

JDC Result 2019 Madrasa Education Board

Madrasah Board of Education, Second Public Examination of Bangladesh. The JDC examination was conducted under the Madrasa Education Board of Bangladesh. The results of the JDC exam are published simultaneously with the JSC exam results. The easiest way for you to save results easily from the madrasa board. The JDC Result 2019 has been published on their own website www.madrashaboard.gov.bd. If you are interested in knowing the results of JDC, you can easily check the results of this website. If you want to know the results in the SMS method. You first go to the message option on mobile and type GDC <> Comilla <> rolling and send to 16222.

JSC Result 2019 Grading System Check

The Ministry of Education introduced the first gaading system in Bangladesh in 2002 and is currently following the procedure. Previously the numbers were calculated according to the result. Now, they are following the Gaeding system. It is important to note that the global system is in compliance with all countries. According to the gaading method, students get points according to the nearest number. Average points are calculated by dividing the total number of subjectors. The final average point is the result of students called GPA.

Grading Grading Points Grade Symbol
80-100 5 A +
70-79 4 A
60-69 3.5 A –
50-59 3 B
40-49 2 C
33-40 1 D
32-0 0 F

We have made a list here so that you can understand the GPA method from here. See how many numbers you’ve got on your total: –

Subject Point Grade System
Bangla 5.00 A+
English 4.00 A
Mathematics 5.00 A+
General Science 4.00 A
Bangladesh & Global Studies 5.00 A+
Religion Studies 5.00 A+
Information & Communication Technology (ICT) 5.00 A+

For example, if a student gets an average of 85 points on a score of 85 or some other subject, 4 points will be added to his / her points list. After that, the points will be calculated by doing the VOI over all the objects. After that the total subject will be divided by.

JSC Result 2020 for Dhaka Education Board

Dhaka eastern name Jahangirnagar. Dhaka Education Board was established in 1961 in the time of East Pakistan. Currently, the JSC examination results of the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education will be able to verify the official website of Bangladesh Education Board.

Do you want to check the Result from the official website of Dhaka Education Board? But you can check the results from here at the fastest time. The Dhaka Education Board of has become known as the first digital education in Bangladesh. Students can save the results of Dhaka Education Board online from here. The Dhaka Board of Education has their personal website dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd.

JSC Result 2020 For Comilla Education Board

In every school, Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Comilla Board of Bangladesh Comilla district Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board acts as the controlling authority. The Comilla district eastern name is Tripura and later its name is changed to Comilla. The Comilla Education Board was established 1962 year in the Comilla district and is now known as the Comilla Education Board.

Comilla Education Board is established at Comilla Kandirpargad Lakasam Road located next to the government building. These education boards publish the results of other education boards of Bangladesh at one time. You can get results here in the fastest way. If you do not know the name of the website then I remove the link: Comillaboard.gov.bd. You will get JSC exam results along with other public exam results and all information on Comilla Education Board. Here you can get the results via SMS method. SMS method: –

JSC Result 2020 For Rajshahi Education Board

In Bangladesh, the Rajshahi Education Board occupies first place. These board students work hard to read, so they get good Result. The Rajshahi Education Board to the teachers and students for, this board provides all kinds of facilities. The Rajshahi Education Board’s JSC Exam Result were published very quickly. If you are new to this exam, we are ready to assist you.

You can also save results from their own website. JSC Result Rajshahi Board publishes its website Rajshahboard.gov.bd. Here you can get fast results very easily via smartphone SMS. Rajshahi Education Board SMS system: –

JSC Result 2020 for Sylhet Educatio Board

Sylhet Education Board is located in the northeast of Bangladesh. The Sylhet Board publishes the results of the public examination on the official website. You can check the results on the Sylhet Education Board official website. Click here to sylhetboard.gov.bd to check JSC Result Sylhet Board Result.

Sheet, please know this article. At present, direct results from the Sylhet Education Board will tell you how many numbers you have received in any subject. Finally, in addition to the Interne,t you check the test results via SMS. You can easily perform this procedure. Let me show you how to SMS Sylhet board: –

JSC Result 2020 for Chittagong Education Board

Chittagong is located in Bangladesh’s second-largest education board and coastal area. All functions of this board serve as the controlling middle and upper secondary level. Chittagong Education Board was established in 1995. Presently, the Chittagong Education Board is located in the Moradpur area. This education board publishes the test results very quickly. If you are a Chittagong Board of Education examiner, save the results directly from the Chittagong Board’s own website.

JSC Result 2020 for Jessore education board

Secondary and Higher Secondary Secondary Education Board, Jessore works in the field of controlling the establishment of Secondary and Higher Secondary level education in Jessore Division of Bangladesh. It conducts public examinations at the secondary and higher secondary level, supervising the secondary and higher education institutions in Jessore district.

Currently, this board is located in Jessore Sadar Police Station. Each student and parent is waiting to know the result of this board exam. However, the results of this board are easy to download. If you are an exam board, you can check the results here. Generally, the Jessore Education Board can check the results from the official website. You can check this result online or via SMS. Checking the results via SMS is easy. You can SMS from any mobile operator, but your balance should be 2.50 Taka.

JSC Result 2020 for Barisal Education Board

If you are interested in knowing the Barisal Education Board JSC Result 2019, you can find it easy here. We know that test results are known using two methods. Another method is SMS method online. You can use either of these two methods if you wish. Here you can find the results from this board with a complete Marksheet very easily.

JSC Result 2020 For Dinajpur Education Board

Dinajpur Education Board Secondary and Higher Secondary Secondary Education Board, Dinajpur works under the control of establishing secondary and higher secondary level education in Rangpur Division of Bangladesh. This board was established in 2006 which is now known as Dinajpur Board. This board achieves good results every year.

The results from this board are easy to know. You can check the results from this board very soon. Students check results from this board. If you are a student of this board you can easily find the results from their official website. It is very easy to check the results online from this board or you can know the results via SMS from any mobile.

JSC Result 2020 Board Challaenge

Bangladesh Education Board of JSC Result 2019 is very easy to challenge. If your exam is bad, you can easily challenge the board through. If you want to challenge the board via mobile you need a teletalk sim. Easy to apply for JSC Result Rescartini, JSC Result Board Challenge or Account Challenge via SMS on Teletalk Mobile. You will be able to apply for this procedure after 15 days. You have to pay 250 Taka for each subject to challenge the board. This method can only be accessed through my Teletalk SIM.

Mobile Message Type:

RSC (First 2 Letrer Board Name) Roll NO (Subject Code) and Send 16222.

RSC DHA 1123454 107

Madrasha Students:

RSC Mad 123456 send to 16222.

If you send an SMS in this manner then a PIN number will appear. If you agree to this method RSC (First 2 Letrer Board Name) Roll NO (Subject Code) and Send 16222.

Here you can apply for more than one SMS if you want. You will have to pay 250 Tk for each subject.


JSC and JDC Examination Pass Rate held in 2019 is 89.17%. Bangladesh Education Board has published on its website. According to each year, this year students received (GPA 5) 17,228 people. If you get a GPA 5 Tallenpool Scholarship, the hundredth will get 90 to 99 percent of the number and receive a General Scholarship, and you will get 85 to 90.

At the end of the exam, the students will tell you whether you will get a Scholarship. The results of JSC and JDC will be published on April 20, 2020, Dhaka Board, Chittagong Board, Comilla Board, Jessore Board, Sylhet Board, Rajshahi Board, and Dinajpur Board. You will get all the results from their respective websites and on this website, JSC has published the results.

Generally, the JSC Scholarship Test can be divided into two parts, namely: Talented Scholarship and General Scholarship. The total expenditure per student for the meritorious scholarship is Tk. 50000 (Tk. 400 per month) and for general scholarship students will get Rs. 36000 (Tk. 300 per month).

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