PSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board | Education Board

PSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board | Education Board

PSC Result 2019 Dhaka Education Board Result Bangladesh. PSC Result Download. Primary School Certificate (PSC ) and its equivalent Madrassa Primary EBT Certificate ( EBT ) examination started across the country in November 2019. PSC Result exam of Education Board Result Bangladesh will be published on 30th December. SSC Routine 2020

PSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board

over 30-lakh students will participate in a Primary School Certificate (PSC ) and Junior EBT Certificate ( EBT) examination scheduled to be held on 1st November at 11 am. Bangladesh Education Minister Dr Depomony visited an exam centre in the capital’s Motijheel Ideal School and College in the first the exam of PSC.

psc result 2019

In this year’s the number of PSC examinees is 2,967,447. Of them, 12,04,900 are male while 1,700,547 female. And a total of 358,486 examinees participate in EBT examination, among theme 167,770 are males and 190,716 females students. Besides, Total of 585 students from 8 overseas centres attend PSC examinations.

From last year the number of PSC and EBT examinees increased by 235241 as 2090692 students.

When PSC Result 2019 Will publish?

PSC result publish date: 30th December

Do You know when will the JSC Result publish? It is the Very important Question For all PSC Examine. The PSC Exam Result will publish within the 60th days after finishing the Exam. Our one Spokesman said that PSC Result will publish on 30th December by The Directorate of Primary Education. When the Exact date Announces for PSC Exam Result Publish date, We will include it on a here instant.

Education minister said PSC and EBT examinations were not publish exams but these are strategise ti get students stick to their studies. Theses PSC Exams increase their self-confidence. He also added PSC Result will be Published within 60 days after completing the exam.

psc result 2019

PSC Result

PSC Result Full Marksheet

SMS System PSC Exam Result:


EBT Exam Result 2019 SMS method:


N.B: You can Send SMS from any Operator ( Teletalk, Banglalink, Grameen Phone, Airtel ) to get

PSC Result 2019 Online Check

PSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board

About PSC Exam and EBT Result:

The PSC exam Full Meaning is Primary School Certificate. It’s 2nd public and Largest Exam is Bangladesh Education System. Total 8 General and 1 Madrasah Board arrange the Primary School Certificate and Equivalent Exam and the Class Five Examine attend on this Exam.

psc result 2019

Every year, The PSC Exam Start on the 1st Week November. The PSC Exam Result will also publish on the same dates every year. Sometimes it may take several times, but the Education Board will announce the exact date for publishing PSC Result each Year via the Publish info, Read the below part of This content.

PSC Result 2019 New Rules:

PSC Result 2019 added some updated policy guidelines. New Education Mortician Doctor Diphman is aware of the fake and has been able to accept the questionnaire prevention system. Because they came to the test center in 2019 and said this. Keep an eye on where this bird is from. He further said that no person can walk in front of an experimental test hall before anybody can walk? If, for any reason, the test comes in time, then the law will be taken. No entry to the center except the CHA and the teacher at the center of the examination center. If the feedback is required to come to the examination center, then their son and daughter will have to set a distance of 100 yards from the specified boundary.

Rules for filling PSC Result 2019:

One of the first tasks of the tester is that they come to the examination center to verify the rules of the accounts. The last page of the book is to be noted that a specific law has been written. Name of the upper part of the row: Rolling: To be heard after watching the registration number. If there is any wrongdoing in the zodiac, then you have to communicate with the authority. The beginning of writing at the beginning of the account should be started from the Khan that is said to start from the Khan, because it is necessary to fill the round spots on the top of a chesha. For no reason, he will not get the result to fill the mark.

PSC Result 2019 Publish time:

PSC Result 2019 is published and within 40 days. There are rules for publishing results within 40 days of the end of the test, so the testers try to publish test results. Every teacher has been able to get their results verified properly 40 days before the respective assistant. They try to release as soon as possible to show that. After 40 days the test results will be published. Anyone specific date is set. PSC examinees will be able to know about online Only publication: 1:00 pm And you can find all the names of the exams from here.

Youtube Viodes:

PSC Board Challenge Result | PSC ReScrutiny process

Generally PSC Result publishes on the various Ways, It will provide you Grade point average (GPA ) only. If you want to check Your exam Full MarkSheet that means Subject Wise Result, You need to download the full MarkSheet of v Result. You can check or Download the Full MarkSheet of Education Board Bangladesh public Exam Result. You can follow one or more reason to get it Fast and Free.

Read All Education Board First 3 Letters For PSC Result

The Dhaka Education Board – JSC Result can be checked by the Mobile SMS, Online, and Android Apps. If you are a JSC Examine under the Dhaka Education Board, You can easily Check Your Result from the Various ways.

Download Now Result All:

After declaration from the Directorate of Primary Education (DPE), the PSC exam result will be published in 2019 with one time mark mark sheet throughout Bangladesh. The correct time to publish this result is 12.00 pm. Each student will be able to check the results directly from this website.

Checking the PSC test results is very easy. If you want to know the PSC exam result 2019 marksheet, then this article will be helpful for you. Results can be checked on mobile or internet anytime from Bangladesh or abroad. In the current information technology era, PSC results are a very easy method to check. You can find PSC results from anywhere. To check this result, you first go to Computer or Mobile bouncing option and type PSC Result 2019 then enter any one of the options and enter your rolling, rezoning, test result year. You click the button below.

PSC Result though EIN Number:

Every School authority can download their Full Institute PSC exam Result with their Institute EIIN Number. The process is very easy and simple. Just Click   on    the then, you will get the various ways for checking the PSC Result 2019 and all other public Exam Result 2019 under the Education Board Bangladesh. Not only School authority but also the other person like the UNO,DC or any more desire person can Download the District Wise, Thana Wise, and Center Result instant. More info about this process we have already provided in the above.

The three-hour examination started around 10:00am. The PSC students sitting for Quran Mazid and Tazbid. The exams will on November 17.

Over 20.38 lakh student would sit for the PSC Exams under eight general education boards and around 3.74 lakh student would take EBT exams under madrasa education board.

Get PSC Result though Android Mobile Apps:

Do you know How to Check PSC Result 2019 From Android Mobile Apps? If then read this part of Article about the PSC Result though Android Mobile Apps. The Smartphone users can easily check their result with Teletalk powered Education Board Result Apps:

psc result 2019

Go to the Google pay Store and Search All result BD app. After Searching with this Keyword, You will see too many Search Result. Just Click on the ( Official Apps ) Which is developed by Please make sure that you have already sigh in on Google play store with your Gmail ID to Install the Apps.

If you fail to install the Apps from Google pay, You can download the Apps from other-where from the Internet. There are many websites are available who are providing the Apps Apk version of the ( Official Apps ). After Successful Download, Install the Apps into your Device. Then follow the Instruction ( Guideline ) from here:

Google Play

The PSC Examine or their Guardians can check their Education Board Result through the Teletalk Provided ( Official Apps ).

Instruction to Getting PSC Result From Android Apps

Open the Apps more then 5 Minutes ago before publishing the PSC result by Education Board Bangladesh via Online and SMS.

Because of the Education Board Result by Android similar with the Education Board Result Check by Online from the Education Board Bangladesh official result Archive.

Select the Education Type as PSC /EBT, Exam year as 2019,Your Education Board Name, Enter your Roll Number, Registration Number, And Human Verification Code.

Then Click on the Submit Button after publishing The Result Officially ( After 2.00PM ) and Get your Result.

All Board PSC Result:

PSC Exam Result Dhaka education board PSC Result Chittagong education board, PSC Result Rajshahi education board, PSC Result Comilla education, PSC result exam Barisal education board, PSC Exam Result Sylhet board, PSC result 2019 jessore education board.

To get fast PSC result 2019 Dhaka board, visit the Dhaka Board official Web Address ( ) And click on the JSC/SSC/HSC Result button from the Left sidebar. Then follow the Wise Result and Thana/Upazilla wise Result Check.

PSC Marksheet 2019

The PSC Result 2020 test Marksheet is a mirror. As you see your picture in the mirror, you will know all the results in the test Marksheet. Each student eagerly awaits them to complete their test Marksheet. We will show you how to get the Marksheet along with the PSC Exam results. After hours of admission of the PSC exam results, you will have complete results of 2020 in your hands.

PSC Result All Education Board:

The PSC Result all Education Board will publish at the same times and same dates by the Education Board Bangladesh Result Archive ( Portal ). With the same system we have added in this page, you can check All education Board PSC Exam Result 2019. But, we highly recommend Website of BD Education Board.

PSC Result Sylhet Board

PSC Result will publish on the official website of Sylhet Education Board. It is a joint inquiry for the Sylhet Board Students. Greatest times they get some information about the Different open Result accumulation procedure of Sylhet load up. This substance will fill in as a compete answer to the all-new and energizing inquiries against Sylhet board. To give a clear idea. We are currently portraying about the Results orderly. Along these lines, Read more in underneath about the complete procedure of Sylhet Education Board Result. Let’s check out, Sylhet Education Board PSC Result BD Checking systems.

Mobile/SMS System for SYLHET Education board:

psc result 2019

PSC <space> SYL ( 1st Three Letters of SYLHET Board ) < space> Your Roll Number < Space> 2019 and Send to 16222 from any Bangladesh Mobile Operators.

Example: PSC SYL 731983 2018 & Send 16222

Online System for SYLJET Education Board

Go to Sylhet Education Board official Website [URL ]

Select PSC /EBT/Equivalent on Examination option.

Select 2019 on Year option

Enter SYLHET on Board option

Enter your Roll Number on Roll option.

Fill the Catchers code carefully.

Finally, check again & press Submit to get your SYLHET Board JSC Exam Result 2016.

EBT Result Madrasah Board

Madrasah Board is always different from all other boards. All Madrasah of the country are being controlled by the Madrasah Education Board. The name of the examination of Class Five of the Madrasah boards is EBT final examination or EBT examination.

PSC Result Mark Distribution Systems:

The Education Board Bangladesh Provides the Result with GPA ( Grade Point Average ) which depends on every Subject average GP ( Grade Point ). If you score 70 Marks will count as 4.00 and if 69 Marks, it will count 3.50. For understanding yourself, we are providing the Whole Marks Distribution Table in the below. All public Exam Result in Bangladesh publish with this Method.

Marks Within Grade point Letter Grade
80 to 100 5.00 A+
70 to 79 4.00 A
60 to 69 3.50 A-
50 to 59 3.00 B
40 to 49 2.00 C
33 to 39 1.00 D
0 to 32 0.00 F

PSC ,EBT Recheck Result ReScrutiny Process

We have known generally PSC ReScrutiny result as Khata Check Result of Boards Challenge Result. Every public exam had Board Challenge system from last few years ago. The Rescrutiny process or Khata Challenge means not again exam papers marking. It’s just check the number. All questions number count again any student apply for Junior School Certificate exam papers recheck.

Bangladesh Education Board PSC Result

If you have any question or face any problem about PSC Result 2019, comment below or message us through Facebook. We are ready to serve you shortly as soon as possible. So, stay with us and know more to update Education information. v exam result will be published very soon. We think this exam result this exam result will publish on 30th December 2019.

PSC Result 2019 Dinajpur Board

The Dinajpur Board is one of the 10 primary education boards in Bangladesh. You can collect the results free of charge on Dinajpur board and check PSC Result 2019 by SMS. The Dinajpur Board submits all their internal results to their website and the Bangladesh Primary Education Board website, you can check the results via the internet for free.

You collect test results through mobile SMS method. The Dinajpur Primary Education Board SMS rules are shown: –

PSC Result 2019 Rajshahi Education Board

PSC exam under Rajshahi Education Board and get Ibtedai Result very fast. If you are new to public exams, we are right to help you. You can get PSC test results through internet or SMS method. You can also save results from their own website. PSC Result 2019 Rajshahi Board publishes its website. Here you can get fast results very easily via smartphone SMS. Rajshahi Education Board SMS system:

Jessore Primary Education Board

The Jessore Primary Education Board is governed by the Department of Primary Education. These board students achieve good results every year. Each of these boards is talented and the pass rate of this board is very high. The students of this board are very attentive to studying. If you are unsure of this board you can save the results from here. From here it is very easy to check the results. You check the results online or via the internet.

Comilla Education Board Primary

Another way of SMS to check the Result 2019 of Comilla Board is the modern way to check the results of all other boards including Comilla Board using the SSMC Exam Result 2019 Mobile SMS method. This is the easiest way for JSC candidates and their parents to know the result of their Comilla Board Exam 2019 via SMS. If you want to know the results via SMS in this simple way, your mobile account will be deducted at Rs. We will show you how to verify the results via mobile SMS.

PSC Scholarship Result 2019 Check

The primary school certificate expenditure under the Department of Primary Education will be published on April 11, 2019 (DPE). The primary education authority under the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education will return results on 30th December. We wish every child in Bangladesh can do good results in PSC and Ivtidaei examination and hope to receive a scholarship from the Directorate of Vocational Primary Education.

This year the primary school certificate (PSC) test will start on 18 November 2019 and ends on November 26. Bangladesh Primary Education Department (DPE) has the responsibility to distribute the results of PSC scholarship. This result will provide some of the shades available to elementary school GPA.

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