PSC Result 2019 | Primary Education Board (এখানে রেজাল্ট দেখুন)

PSC Result 2019 | Primary Education Board (এখানে রেজাল্ট দেখুন)

PSC Result 2019: Results of all Board of Primary School in Bangladesh have been published. If you are looking for PSC test results. If you read this article you can easily find the PSC Result 2019. Apparently, PSC will not be intimidated by getting the result and you remain calm. PSC Result 2019 Marksheet

To this end, we will show you how to check your PSC Result 2019 through your various methods and try to provide some information about it. We want all the education boards of Bangladesh to discuss the results. But let’s get started.

Directorate of Primary Education

We know that DPE means the Department of Primary Education. Directorate of Primary Education It regulates all the training of primary school teachers in various preparatory VOs by the Government Office, which is the responsibility of the autonomous institution of Bangladesh. This education board is located in Dhaka.

We know that in 1973 under Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the government passed the Primary Education Act in Bangladesh and through it nationalized about 7,500 schools across Bangladesh. Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina granted permission to nationalize the 26,000 school elementary schools in 2013. The number of primary schools in Bangladesh is 1,26,500 and the students 29,25,241.

PSC Result 2019

PSC abbreviation for Primary school certificate. We do this every year according to the Department of Elementary Education and the equivalent examination, the Ibaddai examination which is conducted under the Madrasa Board. At present, primary school exams are conducted in the form of equivalent tests.


This year the Primary School Examination (PSC) starts on November 18, 2019, and ends on November 26, 2019. This year, the PSC and the examinations for the paid exams will receive around 31 lakh. We know that this year the PSC and Etihad test results will be published on 27 December 2019. You can save the PSC result from the official website of the date published.

PSC Result 2019 Check Online

If you have a computer or smartphone, then you can easily check the PSC or the result. When you publish the results on their own server, you can type and then verify your result.

PSC Result 2019

First, select the test name. If you want to know the results of the PSC examination, then select the examination PSC and ibtadayee. Then select the year of the test, if you are a tester of 2019 then select 2019. After you complete your name and district name and complete your rolling and submit. You will find the results very easily.

After the announcement from the Directorate of Primary Education (DPE), PSC exam results will be published in 2019 with a one-time marks sheet across Bangladesh. The exact time to publish this result is 12pm. Each student will be able to check the results directly from this website.
Checking the PSC exam result is very easy. If you want to know PSC exam result 2019 marksheet then this article will be helpful for you. Results can be checked on mobile or internet anytime from Bangladesh or abroad. Checking PSC results in the current information technology era is a very easy method. You can get PSC results from anywhere. To check this result, you should first go to Computer or Mobile Bouncing option and type PSC Result 2019 then enter any one of the options and enter the year of your rolling, resonating, test result enter you click the button below.

PSC Result 2019 SMS Check

If you do not have a computer or smartphone then you can get the results very easily. This is why you need a feature phone so that you can get the PSC or Ibtadami test results via SMS.


First, you know the message option of the mobile, then give a space in psc or ibatadai and type rolling and send the test year and 16222.

The director’s framework for providing results for the PSC examination of 2019, which is made to list primary school grade point average (GPA) system results. PSC examinees easily verify the results of their exams through the Grade method. If you need a grade point list, we will display the table below.

PSC Result 2019 Full Marksheet Check

Today we are going to show you how to get the PSC Result 2019 Marksheet. The original document for each test is a mark sheet. Students and Guardian PSC are waiting to release the results. Your PSC Exam Marksheet He is the real mirror of the test Result. When you first get grade points. The PSC exam results will be available in 2019, along with your Marksheet, within a few minutes. You will then see the results in your original document.


However, you will see the total number of each issue separately. Here you will see the total number received in each account and the total number of offers. And if there is a problem with publishing this result you can see. However, you will find that your tests have been great but the test results have not been good. However, you can apply for reconsideration for PSC result under the Board of Education to solve this problem.

PSC Result Garding System:

This year the PSC test results will highlight the grading system. Direct authority from the Bangladesh Board of Education confirmed this. Here we will update the PSC result 2019 with a new grading system. You can find all the subject numbers about the test here. Here is a list for regular examiners to see how many numbers each subject got.

The Current grading system to determining the Grade Point Average (GPA) is given below-

Grading Grading Points Grade Symbol
80-100 5 A +
70-79 4 A
60-69 3.5 A –
50-59 3 B
40-49 2 C
33-40 1 D
32-0 0 F

We have made a list here so that you can understand the GPA method from here. See how many numbers you’ve got on your total: –

Name of the Subject Point Grade System
Bangla 5.00 A+
English 4.00 A
Mathematics 5.00 A+
General Science 4.00 A
Bangladesh & Global Studies 5.00 A+
Religion Studies 5.00 A+
Information & Communication Technology (ICT) 5.00 A+

PSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board


Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. Dhaka is home to some 20 million people. The number of candidates in Dhaka is more than the number of candidates. PSC results 2019 Dhaka board first accepted. Dhaka Government Primary School has their own website to get results of the examination.

PSC Result 2019 Chittagong Board

Chittagong Primary Education Board PSC Result Bangladesh PSC Result is one of the most important part. This Result 2019 are announced in about 11 districts of Chittagong division. The Primary Education Director (DPE) publishes the Result of the PSC and the Chittagong Education Board publishes its Result on its website.

PSC Result 2019 Rajshahi Board


Rajshahi is located in West-North, Bangladesh. This board always has average results. At Rajshahi Education Board, they occupy the first place most of the time. PSC publishes all the boards including Bangladesh at one time. You can save results even at home. After the results are published, you can check the PSC results from their website or on our site. You can get results via SMS method. This method is an easy way.

PSC Result 2019 Khulna Board

Khulna is located in the south of the Sundarbans area. Khulna Education Board covers a busy and large area. The primary results are published very quickly. In this region, the number of Students is very low and the side rate is good. The PSC and Ibthedy examinations are conducted every year with ten districts. Khulna Division PSC Results 2019 is published by the Bangladesh Directorate of Primary Education (DPE).

PSC Result 2019 Barisal Board

Barisal Division is located in South-West of Bangladesh. This Education Board always to publish Result quickly. Barisal is made up of six districts in total and the number of PSC candidates is high. The districts are – Barisal, Patuakhali, Bhola, Jhalakathi, Pirojpur and Barguna. Here also every year the test of the examinations is present in this year. If you are interested in the Barisal Education Board results, please visit the website of the Primary Education Department.

PSC Result 2019 Rangpur Board

Rangpur Division is located in the West-North of Bangladesh. There are 8 districts between Rangpur Division PSC and Ibtedai ​​Result 2019. This year the number of students in the Rangpur Division is higher than ever. Rangpur Division has 8 districts viz: Rangpur, Dinajpur, Thakurgaon, Lalmonirhat, Nilphamari Gaibandha and Kurigram. When the Director of Primary Education (DPE) releases the PSC results, the Rangpur Education Board will release their PSC and Ibididya Result 2019.

PSC Result 2019 Mymensingh Board


Mymensingh Board of Education Another new vital education board in Bangladesh. It has received the permission of the Directorate of Primary Education to publish the PSC. This education board consists of four districts. You can summarize PSC results from Mymensingh Education Board. The Department of Primary Education can also get results from its own website. Check the results of SMM Help Mymensingh section.

PSC Result All Education Board

PSC Exam Five Class Level Examination Board. So, everyone is interested in this test. Each child participates in the PSC examination with a soft heart. After completing their studies from elementary school, they hope to attend secondary school! It is often seen that unexpectedly many candidates get bad results. In this case, do not despair. If you think your result is wrong, you can apply for recast the PSC results.

PSC Result 2019 Board Challenge Check

Here we will show you how to do the PSC exam in the 2019 Board Challenge today. PSC Examination Board is a method of challenge. Any student can apply this procedure for checking the PSC exam 2019 re-examination results. We see that the PSC results begin on the Board Challenge 1 day after publication, but you will have the opportunity to apply within the next 15 days from the next day. This process requires a Teletalk mobile SIM number. We’ll explain to you how to do it on the PSC Board Challenge.

First, you need to recharge the Teletalk Mobile SIM. There will be two SMS, it will cost you 180 Taka. If you need to apply for this application, you need to have a mobile balance of Tk 185. So, you know the SMS method of mobile options, type message according to your information here.

DPRSC <SPACE>Student ID<SPACE>Subject Code and Send to 16222.

DPRSC 12345678912  113 and Send to 16222.

Here you assume the student code number (113) after entering the ID number 1234567812233. Upon sending this message you will receive the return student’s name, chargeable amount and a PIN number. You need to use a PIN number when sending a second SMS.

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