Robi Minute offer 2020: All Robi Minute Packages (

Robi Minute offer 2020: All Robi Minute Packages (

Robi Minute offer 2020 Published Now. Robi provides several minute packages for their customers. Here you can find a complete list of Robi Mini offer. Here you are included with the activation code description and validation here. Choose the best offer for you.

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Here a detailed discussion of all the packages of Robi Minute Offer 2020: Robi Bangladesh number one 4.5G mobile Network company. Telecommunication Ministry of Bangladesh Destination In June 2020, all mobile operator companies announce their Robi internet pack 2020 and minute offers, that the telecommunications ministry in Bangladesh will not be able to reach any other package without the approval of the BRTC. Telecommunication Ministry in Bangladesh equals mobile operators with minutes, internet and call rates.

Robi is working hard to provide customer service to every customer. Robi has taken a lot of hard work to launch a 4.5G network in every district and Upazila of Bangladesh. If you want to buy Robi Minute Package in an easy way then Robi website

Robi Minute offer 2020

Update: 06 June 2020: This post will be updated regularly. Here we also try to include all the bundles provided by Robi because the passes from the Telecommunication mansion to Bangladesh and this bill is passed through Robi by joining the market. Bookmark this book for sharing this offer and using it in the future.

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We always try here to try to supply all the minutes packages at the new call rates of BTRC. The customer can easily choose to offer your choice from this list.

Bundle offer Validity Price Activation Code
10 Minutes (Any Local Number) 20 SMS 1 Day 10 BDT *8666*02#
12 Minutes (Any Operator Number) 40 SMS 12 MB 1 Day 10 BDT *8666*12#
15 Minutes (Any Operator Number) 16 SMS 24 Hours 10 BDT *8666*016#
20 Minutes (Any Local Number) 40 SMS 24 Hours 12 BDT *8666*03#
70 Minutes (Any Operator Number) 25 SMS 25 MMS 26 MB 7 Days 50 BDT *8666*025#
95 Minutes (Any Local Number) 150 SMS 7 Days 50 BDT *8666*50#
150 Minutes (Any Operator Number) 25 SMS 25 MMS 51 MB 7 Days 100 BDT *8666*050#
190 Minutes (Any Local Number) 7 Days 100 BDT *8666*008#
250 Minutes (Any Operator Number) 200 SMS 200 MB 30 Day 300 BDT *8666*500#

Robi Recharge Minute offer

robi offer 2020

Robi Minute Offer 2020 will be discussed. If you are interested in buying the Robbie Recharge Minute Package, see here. We offer Robi Minute Offer 2020 to you. You can buy low-cost minute packages from here. We have organized Robbie Recharge Minute for you. You can activate all offers available by Robi Recharge. We have given a list here so you can easily buy the package.

Robi 285 Minute Recharge offer

Robi saved 285 minutes talk time 183 Taka. This offer is applicable for Robi postpaid customers. The customer will have to spend Rs 183 to buy this bundle. Dial * 0 * 9 # to activate the offer or recharge at 183 Tk. This post will be available to any postpaid customer in the long run.

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Enjoy minute offers here by Robi Recharge. Anyone can easily accept a suitable minute offer for him.

Pack Validity Price Recharge/ Code
24 Minute 24 Hours 14 BDT Recharge
55 Minute 2 Days 33 BDT Recharge
70 Minute 7 Day 43 BDT Recharge
80 Minute 7 Day 53 BDT Recharge
95 Minute 7 Day 59 BDT Recharge
95 Minute 10 Day 61 BDT Recharge
135 Minute + 100 MB 7 Day 78 BDT Recharge
170 Minute 7 Day 99 BDT *0*5# / Recharge
205 Minute 10 Day 118 BDT *0*8# / Recharge
205 Minute 10 Day 118 BDT Recharge
285 Minute 30 Day 183 BDT *0*11# / Recharge
335 Minute 30 Days 194 BDT *0*13# / Recharge
360 Minute 30 Day  218 BDT Recharge
380 Minute 30 Day 244 BDT *0*12# / Recharge

Robi Bundle Minute offer 2020

Robi 475 Minute Pack: Robi offers the best minute bundle. Robi will get 475 minutes bundle at  278 Taka Rechage. The total cost would be Tk 278 if you were to buy this offer. You get 1GB internet offer bonus with 475 minutes talktime. 1GB Internet can use any network and the Validity is 30 days. To activate this offer, you need to 278 Tk Rechrge.

Robi 500 Minute Postpaid offer

Robi 500 minute postpaid bundle package. Robi Postpaid Customers Can Buy This Offer Robi provides 5 GB internet and 100 SMS with 500 minutes talk time. Dial * 123 * 599 # to activate this offer or you can 599 Tk Recharge. This offer expires 30 days.

Robi 500 Minute Prepaid offer

Check out Robi 500 Minute Recharge Bundle Offer. Robi has announced this offer for prepaid customers. If you are a Robi prepaid subscriber, you will get 5 GB internet bonus with 500 minutes of talktime and 100 SMS with it. To activate this offer you will need to Recharge 599 Taka and dial * 123 * 599 #. Expiration is 30 days.

Robi 600 Minute Bundle Pack

Robi Receives Interesting Minute Talktime Service Provided this package. Robi enjoy 8 GB internet and 100 sms with 600 Minutes. This offer can be purchased by Robi Prostpaid customer. This offer is priced at Tk 507 and expires 30 days. This 8 GB Internet package has to comply with certain conditions of use. You can use up to 8 GB (4GB + 4GB 4G) operators. Dial * 0 * 1 # to activate the offer. 512 WhatsApp MB Receive Bonus.

Robi Bundle Minute Package

Come here to buy a low-cost minute package. Robi gave 95 minutes pack at a low price to the customer. You can also buy this offer. Robi’s announcement that this offer applies to everyone. Robi 95 min talktime 59 bucks. To purchase this bundle offer 59 Taka Recharge or dial * 0 * 5 #. This offer is limited to 30 days.

Robi 335 Minute offer

Robi Recharge Talktime Minute Offer. Robi 335 Minute Talktime Recharge at Tk 194. All Offer Long-term Offer Can Buy. If you would like to avail fulltime talktime service for a month, recharge at 194 Tk or dial * 0 * 7 #. This offer expires 30 days. Dial * 222 * 2 # to check the minute.

Robi 205 Minute offer

Robi offers the best minutes. Robi 205 minutes 118 Taka is applicable for all operators. You can buy the package 205 minutes in 10 days. Customers can buy this bundle pack to get long-term talktime service. Please recharge 118 Tk to activate this offer.

Robi 170 Minute offer

Robi is the most attractive bundle minute package. People look for these offers so they can use them. If you need this offer, you can buy a 170 minute bundle for 99 Taka. To purchase this package in the short term, 99 Tk Recharge or * 0 * 6 # dial. This offer is validity within 7 days.

Robi 1200 Minute + 16 GB Internet

Robi Prostpaid provides minute and Internet bundle packages for the customer. Robi can buy 16 GB internet and 100 SMS with 1200 minute bundle package for 1017 Taka. 16 GB Internet usage rules for any 8 GB Any operator and 8 GB (4G) operator. Dial * 2 # to purchase this offer. Get 512 WhatsApp MB + 512 MB YouTube Bonus. This offer period is 30 days.

Robi 2400 Minute Package

Robi minute talk time offer. This offer is Robi’s largest bundle minute talktime offer. You can buy a 2400 minute bundle here for 1910 Taka. Buy Robi 2400 minutes 48 GB (24 GB + 24 GB 4G) easily. Bonus 512 WhatsApp MB + 512 MB YouTube + 512 MB Facebook Internet Offer. You must Recharge 1910 Tk or dial * 0 * 3 # to activate this offer. Dial * 3 # to check internet balance and * 222 * 8 # or * 222 * 12 # to check SMS package.

Robi 360 Minute offer

Robi brought in 218 taka Recharge 360 Minute talk time. This package is the most expensive one when people buy long term offers. From here you can buy long-term packages for 30 days. Dial * 222 * 2 # to check the minute balance.

Robi 285 Minute offer

Robi saved 285 minutes talk time 183 Taka. This offer is applicable for Robi postpaid customers. The customer will have to spend Rs 183 to buy this bundle. Dial * 0 * 9 # to activate the offer or recharge at 183 Tk. This post will be available to any postpaid customer in the long run.

Robi Postpaid Customer Minute offer

Robi 288 Tk 380 minutes Prostpaid talktime. Do you want to buy all these packages? If you liked this offer, you can buy the package. The total cost to buy this package 244 Taka and will have to be activated by Recharge. This offer expires 30 days.

Robi 95 Minute offer

This offer only applies to postpaid customers. It offers short-term minute packages. This package can be taken by all Robi customers. Robi will have to Recharge 61 Tk to purchase 95 minute talktime package. If you want to activate this offer, please Recharge at 61 or dial * 0 * 6 # and this offer expires 10 days.

Robi 1000 Minute offer

Robi now brings a bundle pack for both prepaid and postpaid customers. This is Robi’s largest bundle minute offer. The cost of buying Robi 1000 minutes talk time will be 574 taka. If you buy this product you can get 1GB internet package with it. 1 GB can be accessed on any network. It will cost 574 taka to buy 1000 minutes of Robi and 1 GB of data. The offer will run until further instructions by Robi. 574 Tk will have to be Recharged to activate this package. This offer expires 30 days.

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