Robi Social Pack 2020 – Robi (Facebook, IMO, Whatsapp, Viber offer)

Robi Social Pack 2020 – Robi (Facebook, IMO, Whatsapp, Viber offer)

Robi Social Pack 2020: Robi can enjoy high speed social data pack at the lowest cost. We have Published perfect information about Robi Social Pack 2020. If you are interested in buying Robi Social Pack 2020, you can buy it here. We publish all updates on Robi Social Pack here. We have come to you with all kinds of offers published by Robi. You can buy any offer you like from here.

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Robi always provides Social Pack at low prices. Robi Social offers offers for each customer’s convenience. People are browsing the mobile internet all day to buy Robi Social Pack. They want to buy this offer easily.

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Robi Social Pack 2020

Robi authorities are present with all social packs. Here Robi Bundle all offers reserved. You can get all social packs of Robi from here. We will actually notify the customer of any new offer updates from Robi. Customers can bookmark our website to get all social packages like Robi (IMO, Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber). Share this offer with all friends and like the packages listed below.

Social Pack Price Validity Activation Code
100 MB (60 MB any use + 40 MB FB & IMO Bouns) 10 Tk 3 Days *123*0010#
200 MB (100 MB + 100 MB FB & IMO Bouns) 19 Tk 3 Days *123*019#
350 MB IMO Pack 20 Tk 28 Days *123*56#
350 MB Facebook & Whatsapp 18 Tk 28 Days *123*0250#
800 MB (600 MB any use + 200 MB FB & IMO Bouns) 49 Tk 7 Days *123*049#
1 GB Facebook & Whatsapp pack 49 Tk 30 Days *123*250#
1 GB IMO Pack 53 Tk 28 Days *123*056#

Robi Bundle Social Pack 2020

Generally Robi authorities provide this package to all customers. They try to give the customer the perfect bundle package. You can buy the perfect Robi Social Pack from here and by pricing the package by doing the Depends on different sizes. We have listed the social pack for Robi customers in a way that everyone can accept.

Social Pack Price Validity Code
75 MB (50 MB any use + 25 MB bonus) 9 Tk 3 Days  
100 MB (60 MB any use + 40 MB Fb& IMO bonus) 10 Tk 3 Days *123*0010#
200 MB (100 MB any use + 100 MB bonus) 19 Tk 3 Days  
200 MB (100 MB any use + 100 FB & IMO MB bonus) 19 Tk 3 Days *123*019#
1 GB Freedom Add-on 23 Tk 3 Days *4#
1 GB 41 Tk 3 Days *123*41#
2 GB Freedom + Carry Forward 54 Tk 3 Days *4#

Robi Facebook, Whatsapp, IMO, Viber Offer 2020

Here is a list of all packages like Robi Social Pack, Facebook, IMO, Whatsapp etc. All customers of Robi want to buy this offer, however, you can buy. The purpose of the price we listed on these offers is to verify the customer and buy the offer at a total cost. Enjoy this offer and share it with your friends.

Social Pack Price Validity Code
20MB FB + Viber 2.44 Tk 1 Days *8444*202#
20MB FB IMO 2.44 Tk 1 Days *8444*203#
20MB FB Whatsapp 2.44 Tk 1 Days *8444*0102#
20MB Viber Imo Whatsapp 1.22 Tk 1 Days *8444*0101#
40MB Facebook + Messenger 4.87 Tk 1 Days *8444*04#
40MB Whatsapp 4.87 Tk 1 Days *8444*06#
40MB Video Pack 4.87 Tk 1 Days *8444*140#
80MB FB + Messenger+ Whatsapp 6.09 Tk 7 Days *8444*080#
100 MB Video Pack 12.18 Tk 28 Days *8444*110#

Robi is available with 100 MB Social Pack 10 Tk. Robi provided the lowest cost Robi Social Pack. Short-Term 100 MB Social Pack (60 MB Regula Package + 40 MB IMO) Get Bonus. If you buy this package dial * 123 * 0010 #. Duration is 3 days. Dial * 3 # to check balance.

Robi authority talks about social pack. Robi can get 200 MB Social Pack in shortest period. This offer needs to be split into 200 MB (100 MB Facebook + 100 MB IMO). You can activate this offer with USSD code or you can activate it by recharging 19 Tk. However, this offer is priced at 19Tk and expires 3 days. Dial * 123 * 019 # to buy the offer by code.

Robi 1 GB Social Pack

Robi can get the most attractive 1GB social pack for all customers. This Robi is applicable to all prepaid and postpaid customers. Robi 1GB social pack is only applicable for Facebook and WhatsApp. You can dial * 123 * 250 # to get this package. This offer is priced at 49 Taka. This offer expires 30 days.

Robi 350 MB IMO Pack

Robi is the best social pack (IMO) at a low cost. You can buy this offer in the long run for 20 Tk. Robi 350 MB Social pack 20 Taka which is acceptable to all people. This type of offer is what people are looking for. If you are looking for all these offers then you can buy this 350 MB IMO Pack. Only my IMO subscribers can activate. Dial * 123 * 56 # to buy this offer. Expiration is 30 days.

Robi 350 MB Facebook and WhatsApp customers can buy this offer. Robi has made this offer for you. Get up to 350 MB facebook package with Robi 18 Tk. Dial * 123 * 0250 # to activate this offer. This package expires 28 days.

Robi 800 MB Social package

Robi has provided 800 MB of social pack for qualified buyers. This package is acceptable for Facebook and emo operators. Here you can use 600 MB Facebook and 200 MB IMO. Robi authorities have fixed a price at 49 Taka. You can dial * 123 * 049 # to activate this pack. This offer 7 days validity.

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