SSC Result 2020 Comilla Board – (

SSC Result 2020 Comilla Board – (

SSC Result 2020 Comilla Board including Bangladesh all the Education Board at the same time published the results of SSC / Dakhil. SSC exam is the largest public exam in Bangladesh. The Ministry of Education of Bangladesh has stated that the result of SSC / Dakhil Exam Board will be Published on June 1, 2020. If you would like to check your SSC Result 2020 then you will stay with this website and reading this article is very important to you. Here we show all the possible mechanisms for finding the results of the SSC Examination of 2020. So, please continue reading.


In this article, you will get all updated information of Comilla Board 2020, also you can get PSC result, JSC result, HSC result through other websites like other websites. So read your article and search for all the right results.

SSC Result 2020 Comilla Board

In each school, the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Comilla Board serves as the controlling authority of the Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board of Comilla district of Bangladesh. The former name of Comilla district is Tipura and later its name is changed to Comilla.

Comilla Education Board was established in 1962 in Comilla district and we are known as Comilla Education Board. Comilla Education Board is established at Comilla Kandirpargad Lakasam Road located next to the government building. These education boards publish the results of other education boards of Bangladesh at one time. You can get results here in the fastest way.

SSC Result 2020 Published date

How much date the Comilla Board 2020 results will be published. Students finish the Exam, waiting to know. I say that the results will be published all over Bangladesh, including the Bangladesh Education Board, other education boards. As we know, the results are released within 60 days of completing the exam . If there is no problem then the Bangladesh Board of Education will publish the results very soon.

There are two ways to check the SSC exam result 2020. The first one, online and the second, via SMS. Let us discuss how to check the HSC Result 2020 this procedure.


Generally, we find that SSC or other test results are published on their own website. However, Comilla Board has its own website You can get direct results from Comilla Board’s website. First, you need to log in and complete the form provided correctly.

Education Board Result 2020

All the JSC, SSC and HSC results of the Comilla Board including Bangladesh Education 2020 were published. The results of all education boards of Bangladesh can be checked from this website. Welcome Junior School Certificate (JSC) and SSC School Certificate (SSC) and HSC Secondary Certificate (HSC). Here we will discuss the SSC and Dakhil Examination results of all education boards of Bangladesh. We are telling the students in simple terms that the JSC, SSC and HSC results will be published on this website and the exam results will be further informed.

Want to know the results of all education boards in Bangladesh? You can know the SSC result from here. We will discuss the results in detail here.

If you want to get results very easily, you can check out Education Board Result here. You can save the result of every education board of Bangladesh from this website. If you would like to know your results please save the correct information here. You can check the JSC, SSC and HSC results from this website.

SSC Result 2020 Comilla Board by SMS Chech

Generally, there are two methods for estimating SSC results. One is the online system and the other is the SMS method. These two methods are very easy to check the results.

Should we choose an option from here?

I think if we check the results via SMS, it will be easy for us. Because, the result of the SMS is available very quickly.

Would you like to know how to do sms?

The first one will be a mobile hall.

Go to SMS option on mobile and ’’type’’ SSC, each letter will be capital letter.

Then the board name in capital letter ’’type’’: COM

Then ’’type’’ roll number: for example: 123456789.

Then, type in academic session: 2020

Send the latest to 16222.

You will get your results in a few minutes.

For Example: SSC<>COM<>123456<>2020 send to 16222.

They have to remember that everything has to be completed correctly. This is not to get your results and your mobile must have a sufficient balance.

SMS is another easy way to check the Result 2020 board of Comilla. SSC candidates and their parents will know the result of the Comilla Board Examination through 2020 SMS. This is the simplest method. If you want to know the results via SMS in this simple way, then your mobile account is required to be BDT 2.99 and this SMS cost Tk 2.99. We will show you how to verify the results via mobile SMS.

Results from any mobile via SMS: You will know the results of Comilla board through your mobile SMS. Check the SSC / Dakhil test result using the SMS method. You enter the SSC for the General Board and the Madrasa Board and enter the first three letters of the board, roll number and send to 16222.

e-board result 2020

eboardresult 2020? Are you looking for results here? You can get SSC results from here in a very easy and fast way. JSC, SSC and HSC results are published very fast in Bangladesh through eboardresult. Students prefer eboardresult to get quick results.
In Bangladesh, the government publishes secondary and higher secondary results through eboard. So this eboardresult is good for students.

Usually eboardresult publishes results by sharing through different?
They shared eboardresult in 5 levels. Each part is different.
We will show each part separately here.
See your bottom?
First Part: JSC/SSC/HSC Equivalent Result

Second part: Real-time access Statistice

Three Part: Result Analytice of Board

four Part: Result Analytice for Institution

five Part: User Guide (Pictorial)

Dakhil Result 2020

Another major education board in Bangladesh is the Madrasa Board. The examination was conducted under the Madrasa Education Board of Bangladesh. The test results filed with the JSC test results are published at the same time. Madrasa Education Board has 2 lakhs.


The JDS Exam result 2019 is published on their own website If you are interested in knowing the JDC result you can easily check this website. If you want to know the results via SMS method. Then you first go to the message option on the mobile and type JDC <> Comilla <> Rolling and send to 16222.

SSC Result 2020 Full Marksheet

The SSC Result 2020 test Marksheet is a mirror. As you see your picture in the mirror, you will know all the results in the test Marksheet. Each student eagerly awaits them to complete their test Marksheet. We will show you how to get the Marksheet along with the SSC test results. After hours of admission of the HSC exam results, you will have complete results of 2020 in your hands.

You need a mark sheet to find out how many numbers you get for each subject.You will also find that there is a problem with your results in the Marksheet, for example, that you could indicate that one of the tests was bad. You will then be able to apply to the Board of Education to review your results in the SMS exam after you have reviewed the Marksheets received from here.

Bangladesh All Education Board Result

Come here to check the results of all education boards in Bangladesh. Here we show how you can check the results of all the boards. There are different methods for checking the results of each board of education in Bangladesh.

Which allows you to check the results by deleting different methods. The Board of Education will publish all the results in one era in Bangladesh. If you want to check the results, here you can check your results.

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