Teletalk Internet Offer 2020 – Teletalk All Date Package (

Teletalk Internet Offer 2020 – Teletalk All Date Package (

Teletalk Internet Offer 2020: Teletalk Company Limited is the nation’s leading mobile service provider. The Teletalk Internet Offer 2020 will be discussed today. If you are looking for a teletalk internet offer then you have determined the right place. Teletalk Communications Company is the operator of the Government of Bangladesh, which serves the customers of the Government of Bangladesh.

If you want to buy teletalk internet offer you can buy from here with the lowest cost. Teletalk offers all offers here. People often want to activate teletalk internet offers and teletalk minute offers. But from here you can buy the package as per your choice.

Teletalk Bangladesh Limited:

Teletalk Bangladesh Limited, whose band name is “Teletalk” is a mobile phone service provider in the state of Bangladesh. Teletalk started moving to Bangladesh from December 29, 2004, which is a government-owned public limited company in Bangladesh. Teletalk is the first GSM and 3G VOIC state-owned mobile operator company in Bangladesh. Teletalk is the fourth largest mobile phone operator in Bangladesh with 44 lakh 19 thousand subscribers.

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Teletalk Mobile Operator International Code: (88+) 015xxxxxxxxxx

Teletalk Internet offer 2020

Teletalk companies offer the best internet. Teletalk provides attractive internet service to their customers. It is often seen that consumers are using mobile braces to buy internet packages. The MB ended after they searched all day but found no success. We provide Teletalk Internet services for them. If you would like to take this service regularly, stay tuned. We provide Teletalk Internet updates as per customer demand.


Teletalk offers different data packages for the customer. Teletalk has announced a separate package for each operator. The names of the Teletalk data companies are: Teletalk Regular Package, Teletalk Contract Package, Teletalk Upcoming Package, Teletalk Aparajita Package, Teletalk Welcome Package and Teletalk Corporte Package. Listed here is the Teletalk Regular Internet Package.

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Teletalk Regular Data Pack Buy Now:

Volume Validity USSD Activation Prepaid
Recharge Activation
60 MB 3 Days *111*501# D51 F51 9 Tk
250 MB 7 Days *111*503# D82 F82 24 Tk
500 MB 10 Days *111*513# D52 F52 39 Tk
2.5 GB 10 Days *111*511# D58 F58 78 Tk
3 GB 3 Days *111*33# P33   33 Tk
3 GB 30 Days *111*513# D31 F21 201 Tk
5 GB 30 Days *111*532# D20 F20 301 Tk
8 GB 30 Days *111*533# D25 F4 391 Tk
10 GB 30 Days *111*550# D21 F22 445 Tk
15 GB 30 Days *111*551# D22 F9 649 Tk
20 GB 30 Days *111*552# D26 F28 849 Tk
30 GB 30 Days *111*553# D32 F31 1169 Tk
45 GB 30 Days *111*554# D33 F11 1669 Tk
65 GB 30 Days *111*555# D62 F26 2225 Tk

Teletalk Exclusive Data package 2020

Who has provided the Teletalk Exclusive Data package? Customers can buy offers at the lowest prices from here. This offer is only available for the Exclusive Data package customer. If you want to buy this best offer you can buy from here. The Teletalk Exclusive Data package has released offers that will qualify for the purchase capability of all customers.

Volume Validity USSD Activation Prepaid
Recharge Activation
1 GB 7 Days *111*611# B1   23 Taka
1 GB 30 Days *111*46# DPSS 1   46 Taka
2 GB 30 Days *111*85# E85   85 Taka
3 GB 10 Days *111*63# E63   63 Taka
5 GB 10 Days *111*97# E97   97 Taka
10 GB 15 Days *111*198# E198   198 Taka

Teletalk Bornomala Internet offer 2020

Teletalk Bornomala have been performed at the Sim only for college and university students. Because they offer low cost and affordable collateral and internet packages for students. If you are a college or university student, you can use this date package. If you are eligible for this offer then this offer applies to them. This data offer is a special day. This offer applies if your SIM is a Teletalk Bornomala.

Internet offer Total Price Validity Short Code Activation Code
1 GB 21 BDT 7 Days A1 *111*600#
1 GB 43 BDT 30 Days A2 *111*601#
2 GB 81 BDT 30 Days A3 *111*602#
3 GB 53 BDT 10 Days A4 *111*603#
5 GB 87 BDT 15 Days A5 *111*605#
10 GB 169 BDT 30 Days A6 *111*610#

 Teletalk Agami Internet offer 2020

The Teletalk Agami package can be purchased here. The Teletalk Agami package is provided for some special customers. The special customers here are the students. The advantage of this offer is the Teletalk special package which provides general teletalk SIM free for GPA recipients in SSC examination. They will get callrate, internet and minute services at very low prices. See the list below if you are eligible for this offer. From here you can avail Internet services at lowest price.

Internet offer Total Price Validity Short Code Activation Code
1 GB 23 Taka 7 Days B1 *111*611#
1 GB 44 Taka 30 Days B2 *111*612#
2 GB 83 Taka 30 Days B3 *111*613#
3 GB 59 Taka 10 Days B4 *111*614#
5 GB 93 Taka 15 Days B5 *111*615#
10 GB 179 Taka 30 Days B6 *111*616#

Teletalk Oprajita Internet offer 2020

Teletalk Oprajita Offer Owner Special package for women. This offer is announced for women. Any Teletalk Oprajita customers offer the lowest cost special Internet service you offer. You can access offers from Teletalk Oprajita at the lowest prices. If your Teletalk SIM is Oprajita, you will get 1 GB internet for 8 bucks on the way. You can buy this offer as many times as you like in 3 months. If you are a Teletalk Oprajita customer, you can take this offer without delay.

Data Volume Price Usage Validity Recharge to Activate USSD Dial Code Comments
1 GB 8 Tk 7 Days 8 Tk *111*8# Only for first 3 months after activation
1 GB 18 Tk 3 Days 18 Tk *111*18#  
1 GB 89 Tk 30 Days 89 Tk   Avail as many times as your want
2 GB 36 Tk 7 Days 36 Tk *111*36# Avail as many times as your want
10 GB 149 Tk 15 Days 149 Tk *111*149# Avail as many times as your want
Combo Offer
Data Talk time SMS Price Valitidy Activation
2 GB 300 Minute (any Operatar) 100 (any operatar) Tk. 199 30 Days Recharge 199 Tk or Dial *111*199#

Teletalk Sagotom Data Pack 2020

Data Price Validity Usage Recharge Activation
1 GB 46 BDT 30 Days 24 Hours 46 BDT *111*46#
2 GB 84 BDT 30 Days 24 Hours 84 BDT *111*84#
3 GB 42 BDT 5 Days 24 Hours 42 BDT *111*42#

Teletalk Corporate data package 2020

Data Price Validity Activation Code
2 GB Tk. 160 30 Days CP01
5 GB Tk. 300 30 Days CP02
10 GB Tk. 500 30 Days CP03
15 Gb Tk. 675 30 Days CP04
25 GB Tk. 1000 30 Days CP05
40 GB Tk. 1400 30 Days CP06
60 GB Tk. 1800 30 Days CP07

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